Paul Manyara, Kenya — Thank You and Praises

2 Corinthians 4:1 “Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not;”

The last number of months have not been easy with the pandemic and other challenges. The ministry has been affected in one way or another but God’s mercies have been new every morning. We thank Him for His faithfulness. We also wish to thank you, our faithful supporters, for standing with us both in prayer and financially.

In spite of all the challenges, God has been at work and has touched many lives. Besides the five feeding centers, the Lord has enabled us to share food with other families. We would not have done that without the generous giving of God’s people. Again we thank the Lord and all of you. May the Lord continue to bless you.

A few months ago, we went back to church while having to observe the measures of social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing. Only children six years and above are allowed to attend. Bible club is not open yet. Please pray for the children as some of them continue to stay at home. Only some of the them have gone back to school.

Chicken Project

Recently, we felt led to get some chickens for a family. For 15 dollars, they got six chickens and for 5 dollars, got chicken food to get them started. We think this would be a project that would help provide an income, especially now during this time of pandemic.

Praise the Lord with us for Lucy who gave her life to the Lord about two weeks ago. She needed shoes to wear to go to church. The Lord enabled us to buy her a pair and the following Sunday, she came to church. Now she wants to be baptized. Her elderly mother said that she has already started to see some change in her life. Please pray that she will grow in her faith.

Praise the Lord for Jimmy. He was hit by a car about two years ago and broke his leg. He was in the hospital for some time but did not have funds to continue with treatment. When we met him about a year ago, his leg was soo bad that the doctor had considered amputating it. We prayed for and with him and God provided the funds for him to continue with treatment. His leg is almost healed. Not only is he healing physically, but he accepted Jesus as His Savior and is growing in his faith. He is a walking miracle!!


God has been faithful to our family. He has protected us both, our children, and granddaughter, Aziza, who is seven months old. She was dedicated to the Lord on October 25th. We were able to join via zoom and had the joy of praying for her.

We are grateful to the Lord and to you, our ministry partners. May the Lord continue to protect you from covid and everything else. We have been praying for your country’s elections.


Paul and Leah Manyara