Paul Assignon, Togo — Praises and Needs


“Let them give glory unto the LORD, and declare his praise in the islands. Isaiah 42:12

What a joy to know Him and to be at His service. The Lord continues working among us because of your prayers and financial support.

The political situation in Togo is still unstable. We want to thank everyone who prayed and to ask you to continue praying for the country. The Lord is sparing us from civil war but things are not returning to normal.

One of our pastors, David Belley, serving in Kpalime, is seriously sick and is hospitalized in the hospital in Lomé. Pastor David broke one of his vertebral bones. It will take him many months to be healed. He will be going through surgery according to the doctors. But, unfortunately, the doctors do not know yet if this surgery will help him to walk again. He has been on his back almost three months now. His wife has high blood pressure. They have three daughters. Please, pray for the family.

One of our pastors, Kebe, completed his graduation courses at ABWE’s training school and received his diploma on the 29th of July.








A lady, 87 years old, was saved in February 2017 but it pleased the Lord to take her home last month. The funeral took place in her village where we had the opportunity to preach the Gospel. She had been a good testimony to her family and her daughter gave her life to Christ and became a member of the church.

Another lady, about 72 years old, came to me two months ago and told me she wanted to accept Christ as her Savior and she did. This lady was a sorcerer and the devil used her to cause harm to many people in the village. Praise the Lord for touching her. She is faithfully coming to church. Please, pray for the salvation of her family.

People are really listening to us through the broadcast ministry. They keep asking good questions. And some are visiting the church through this ministry. Paul is going through the book of Revelation. He is now on the seven churches. Please, pray for many to give their life to Christ.









Acts 8:12 “But when they believed Philip preaching the things concerning the kingdom of God, and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women.” The Lord is saving and adding people to His church, the church of Temple Shalom and Temple Sinai, Kara. Seven people went through baptism on the 27th of August at Temple Shalom and 13 were baptized at Ateda Baptist Bible Church Temple Sinai.
















The academic year 2017-2018 has started in Togo with a lot of riots. We have given to our orphans their school materials. Their monthly needs have always been met. They were so happy and you can see it on their faces. We thank you sincerely for your generosity. Some of our orphans’ relatives are visiting the church. Please, continue praying for their salvation. One of our orphans, GNOM MAGNOUDEWA, is seriously sick. She is suffering from hepatitis B. Please, pray for her quick recovery. Not all of our orphans have a sponsor. Please, pray that the Lord may provide a sponsor for each of them. $35 will sponsor one child for a month.








We have mentioned in our last newsletters of the need to buy property for the church of Aouda which costs about $2,000. We need 2 motorcycles for two of the pastors. Each costs about $1,100. Please, pray with us that the Lord may provide for these needs.

We continue making good progress on the church building of Temple Shalom. The cement concrete was poured on the top of the small room which is the roof and it is ready to be used as the platform in the church. We are now making the middle poles to sustain the main building.

We want to thank you for praying for the lady whose husband broke her left arm because she accepted Christ as her Savior and Lord. The Lord healed her and she is back. She was in church last time, though her husband did not want her to come. Please continue praying for her spiritual growth and the salvation of her husband.

Thank you, friends, for making it possible for us to stay focused on the ministry through your prayers and gifts. Your support is impacting Togoland for God’s Kingdom, one life at a time.

In the Service of the King of Kings,
Paul & Nicole Assignon