Pastor John Orinda, Kenya — Convention

Dear Brethren,

Greetings once again in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We trust that you had a blessed time in the month of August. The closing of the month of August came to all of us with each one being very thankful to the Lord. He did great things in our lives as believers.Seeing souls come forward to receive the Lord and our many sisters and youths in the church showing maturity in the Lord are a few of the many things the Lord did amidst us.

I am happy to report to you that our annual National Convention ended last week in a very successful way despite the plan the devil had in advance to stop the work of God by all means. The Convention commenced on the 23rd and finally ended on the 27th day of August 2017. It took place in Kisumu county, Ndori Mission. Men and women arrived from different locations within Kenyan borders. On Thursday the 24th, after dinner, a lady from Nairobi County was feeding a ten month-old baby porridge in a very traditional way because the child had no appetite to eat anything. The devil used that confused way of feeding the baby and suffocated the young child. While the child was still unconscious, we rushed to a nearby hospital where we couldn’t get any help. We proceeded to another one where the child was pronounced dead on arrival. We had a very rough time as the mother was still new in her salvation and the father is not yet saved.

It seems that the devil takes every advantage to stop people from staying true to their faith in Jesus Christ but he was defeated. I consoled the grieving mother, witnessed to her of God’s love and prayed for her. I later went to the people and encouraged all to be patient and to love the Lord as we continued with the Convention as planned. All who attended the Conference were strengthened and encouraged in their faith in Jesus. What joy it must be to our heavenly Father and to our Lord Jesus Christ to see the dedication of all who were at the Convention. After the Convention, we traveled to another county known as Homa-Bay to give the baby who passed on a warm send off and afterwards back to Nairobi Please see the pictures as a wonderful testimony of people who choose to gather even in the face of danger. We must feel very encouraged by their steadfast attendance at our Convention every year.

Please continue to pray for my physical and spiritual strength as I continue to lead others to the Lord Jesus.

Be blessed.

In Calvary,

Pastor John Orinda
Nairobi, Kenya [EA]