Pastor Jayaraj Golla, Vision2020Asia

Family PicturePastor JayaRaj Golla joined IGM in 2005. He shares responsibilities for the Faith and Grace ministry with Pastor Suresh Babu. He has been serving the Lord Jesus Christ in the tribal regions of East and West Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh, South India, since 2002. As part of the Tribal Ministry, he conducts Gospel outreaches, church-planting, street preaching, distribution of Gospel tracts, praying for the sick, and conducts small Gospel meetings to save souls. Thus far, more than 100 new villages have been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2008, 15 new fellowships were started. He conducts a Tribal Pastors’ Fellowship Meeting every month to encourage and guide the Tribal Pastors in the field. He works as a team with Pastor Babu in the tribal villages, along with the tribal pastors who are also working to reach the neighboring villages. As the tribal people are very poor and have no proper work to earn money, they live in poverty. They are deprived of a good education and medical facilities. Because of this, the Lord has guided Pastor Golla and Pastor Babu to conduct medical camps for the villagers. Their aim is to transform people by first meeting their health needs. They also conduct children’s and youth camps to save young souls for the Kingdom of God. Pastor JayaRaj cares for two churches: Faith Baptist Church in Bommuru and Grace Baptist Church in Dowleswaram.