Pastor Alex Boamah, Ghana–Workshops

Dear Praying Partners,

It is a great thing to serve the Lord! “When we walk with the Lord, in the light of His Word, what a glory He sheds on our way. While we do His good will, He abides with us still…Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey!” John H. Sammis

The new year has brought lots of hope to myself in particular and to Christian workers in our ministries as we see the hand of God performing miracles day and night, everyday! Philippians 4:19 keeps our hope alive as we continue to depend on his Word to supply our needs.

I want to thank all of you for your prayer, financial, material, moral and all kinds of support for the ministry into which God has called me. Like Paul, I can say that I’m content in whatever condition I find myself. In Luke 5:4, Jesus said to the disciples “launch out into the deep…draught”. God has blessed us with new converts from street children and orphans, through villages, to the cities and across the globe!

We recently completed our 14 days of prayer and fasting. Our all-night services have seen testimonies of some members having their prayers answered! We have a week of fasting and prayers every month and end it with an all-night prayer every last Friday before the first Sunday of each month. We’ve seen healing take place and chains of doubt broken.

I continue to speak once a month or, on rare occasions, 2 times at Charity Baptist Church in Accra. The church is made up of government officials, politicians, lawyers, business executives, doctors, and many influential people who also help us find jobs for some of our members when they move to Accra.

Praise Report

1. Safe travels and new Christian partners

2. Safe delivery of Sister Rejoice. The doctors scheduled her for surgery as she was struggling with her pain. With prayer being lifted up, as she was being prepared for surgery, she gave birth naturally to her second baby and her first baby boy on Thursday, June 2.

3. Shipments from Indianapolis and California done and expectation of safe arrival

4. Improvement of the health of both parents!

5. Increase of $50 a month to help with the abandoned street children and orphans

6. The partnership with Cross Roads Bible College of Indianapolis, Indiana has been finalized and the first 5 prospective students contacted. This is a pilot program as these students are being given full scholarships to pursue their call in ministry through training in the Word of God.

7. Good health and strength

8. 3 Muslim converts and 8 others

9. 2 new AWANA leaders

10. Mr. Paul Knerr for paying half of the funds needed to drill the well


1. For the salvation of both parents and my siblings

2. For the persecuted and families that have lost members due to their faith in Jesus Christ

3. That we can get churches to partner with Cross Roads Bible College to get the needed funds to pay for the students being given scholarships

4. Baptist Global Missions as we continue to raise the rest of the funds to complete the payment for the 200 acres of land earmarked for a future university at Adamorobe, in the Eastern Region and very close to Accra.

5. Funds to build a book and computer library on the church premises to help the village community and to encourage the school children to inculcate in themselves the habit of reading and of becoming computer literate. Most school children get pregnant because there’s no place for them to read and no books available to read. Crispus Attucks donated about 90 used computer units without monitors. Pray that we can get monitors and keyboards for all of them.

6. The severe rainstorm that rendered some of the people in the village homeless and part of the church roof ripped off

7. The new church plants about to be started at Mampong and Akwamu next month. Pray for funds to support the work and the pastors.

8. Personal support and ministry support

9. All those who support God’s work globally in any form

10. Workshop and seminars being organized for June 20- July 10, 2016. Pray for the main speaker, Rev. Bill Lambert, who is flying into the country from Texas. Pray for Sister Wanda Anderson who is also coming to help our ministries from June 20- July 3, 2016. Pray for the Joni and Friends team as they arrive on June 23 and begin a Family Retreat for people with disabilities from June 27- July 3, 2016. Pray for Rev. Michael Fondren who is gong to D.R. Congo to teach pastors in August.

11. For the rest of the funds to help drill a well at the Akotoshie where we have the Street Children and Orphan home! We’re going to construct a trade school and put up a pavilion for Adom Baptist Fellowship!

12. Purchase of a ministry van or truck to go to the hinterlands

13. The sick, including Dr. Walt Willett, Pastor Steve Malm, Rev.and Mrs. Fondren, Mrs. Nancy Newhart, Mr.& Mrs. Boamah, Mr. Adu Kweku (my landlord)

We’re grateful for all your support and pray that God will continue to bless all of you for your kindness. As my favorite verse says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13

Thank you and God bless.

Still praising the Lord,
Pastor Alex B.



At IGM Headquarters, Alex Boamah, Ghana