Wilson & Pamela Maungo

Baptist Faith Mission Fellowship, East Africa – Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and DRC Wilson and Pamela have been with IGM since 1999. In October, 1991, Baptist Faith Mission began with a fellowship of two families at the Shanty of Kitale town. By the grace of God, the fellowship has grown to 72 churches and 2 preaching points in five countries. We praise the Lord for His grace. We began with two orphans in the year 2000 and God has also blessed this outreach. BFM now supports five orphanages and over 170 orphans. The Huruma Orphanage School was officially registered in 2006 with the government of Kenya, with 387 orphans. This became the first of many educational ministries, currently including 8 Christian elementary and high schools, serving over 1,600 students, the Independent Gospel Bible Institute, and several trade schools. Other ministries in development include the Uganda Medical Clinic and the Huruma Water Project. Pastor Maungo currently oversees over 60 national pastors with churches in 16 different regions. Newsletters