P.D. Emmanuel, India — Update on Shanth

Greetings from Bangalore, India.

Dad and I have been busy taking Mom to the hospital so I could not write to you.

Mom finished her 4th round of chemo on the 9th of this month. Most of the side effects appeared between the 3rd day and the 11th day after the treatment. This round of her chemo was very severe and we thought we almost lost her as she had severe diarrhea. Her fluid level dropped, she got dehydrated and became very pale, so we had to rush her to the hospital where she was given an I.V. drip and oral probiotics as the veins on both her hands were burnt due to the  chemo. She had a tough time and we had a tougher time seeing her go through this. She eventually got back to normal. Now she is a bit better and we are hoping for more recovery before the next chemo treatment.

It has been very tough for Dad and I to see her go through this. Dad is broken and is no longer the loud, vivacious and laughing person whom I used to know. He has become calmer and spends more time in reflection. Please pray for him as he needs strength to endure this.

(P.D.’s and Shanth’s daughter)