P.D. Emmanuel, India — Shanth

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

It’s with a heavy heart and eyes filled with tears that I am writing to you.

First, please accept my apology for not being in touch. On the 20th of March, Mom was readmitted for an infection in her sutures and the doctors had to open up the stitches and redo them. This took 5 days of hospitalization and recovery.

By then, the report from pathology confirmed that it is stage 2 cancer and that due to the spillage while extracting the tumor during the operation, it is hazardous. The chances of it spreading is high. So she was immediately advised to undergo chemotherapy. Though we know the perils of chemo, we had no choice but to take it up.

Her first chemo was on the 4th of April. She was in the hospital for 3 days and was brought home on the 6th of April. The effects of chemo were manifested in a very drastic way with Mom. She suffered consistently for 10 days after that. Loss of appetite, lost of taste, boils in her mouth and tongue, over all weakness, lowered platelet count, stool function with blood, and vomiting were a few of the symptoms we had to deal with. It’s the most painful thing to see your own mom suffer and deteriorate in just a few days. A couple of months ago, she was normal and now she is bedridden. As a further side effect, she lost all her hair and started to lose weight, as well. After those days, she managed to eat a bit and we kept taking care of her. I have been with Mom since the 22nd. I have not been home. No one except Dad and me are there to take care of her.

In a matter of no time she had to be ready for the second session which was scheduled 21 days after the first. It was on the 25th of April. The same cycle and symptoms repeated and today we are back in the hospital for the 3rd cycle. She is just bones and flesh now. From 75 kilograms, she has come down to 54 kilograms.

Dad is totally broken and is very low. He stays by her side always and has fallen sick several times in this course. Our strength is our Lord. We are just waiting and trusting Him and giving everything up to Him.

We are not able to make ends meet since the surgery and the chemo sessions. We have taken loans from all sources. We have 4 more sessions to go for Mom. Each session is at a cost of 32,000 rupees inclusive of admission, medicine and doctor charges. Things have been bad for our family since the start of this year.

Please pray for Mom’s healing so that her testimony will be that the Lord has done wonders after her treatment. I believe our God is a wonder-working God so I count on Him.

Thanks so much for everything thing you do for us.