Ningwon Kumrah, President of Covenant Baptist Bible College and Seminary — May and June

May and June Updates 2017

Submitted to the Director of Vision2020Asia&BeyondNetwork and IGM

1. May 7th: Attended my first ordination program as an ordained minister at Ramphoi for Ngathingkhui K., pastor of Ramphoi Baptist Church. On Monday morning, we had the privilege of going to Aung Zay Ya village (Myanmar, a Buddhist village) with my pastor Rev. Victor K. and found that the village is a strategic place to do missions. We had a meeting with the village chief and he said we can come and start an English medium school because there is no English medium school in the area.
2. May 18th: Farewell program for the B.Th. final year students
3. May 22nd: the 4th college graduation exercises in which 12 students were graduated. Rev. Somi Kasomwoshi, pastor of Ukhrul Town Baptist Church was the speaker; Rev. Dr. Ninghor M., Executive Secretary of the Northern Tangkhul Naga Baptist Association; and Rev. Victor K., pastor of Nungbi Khullen Baptist Church brought exhortations. Rev. Tamreingam HA, pastor of Phungyo Baptist Church, Rev. Vashum Paul, pastor of Viewland Baptist Church, Rev. Ngachonmi Shaiza Home Evangelist UTBC, were some of the special invitees for the occasion. Among the 12 graduates, three of them had gone to Myanmar to start a spoken English class. So far they have 11 students. The aim is to start an English medium school with an intention to convert the people for Christ. And we planning to start a mission school in the near future.
4. May 28th: Had fellowship with Grihang Baptist Church and deputized four of the recent graduates.
5. June 5th: Had meeting with Pastor Jim Moats and Dr. Timothy Shorb at Chil Chil as pre-arrangement meeting for the Vision2020 strategic planning meeting.
6. June 9th : Guest house construction started
7. June 18th: Sunday morning — preached at Checkon Baptist Church, Imphal on the occasion of Father’s day under the theme ‘Father’s Legacy’.
8. June 26th: Vision2020Asia & Beyond Network (VBN) meeting at Chil Chil
9. College summer vacation started May 23rd and runs through July 10th.

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for the new nomenclature process which will be finalized after the 15th of this month. The new name of the college will be Ukhrul Baptist Theological College & Seminary.
2. Please pray for the completion of the guest house.
3. Please pray for the upcoming session which will be our 7th academic session. By God’s grace and your support, we have completed the sixth year of our ministry. In the last academic session, we had 42 students which was the full seating capacity. On the 11th of this month, we begin our session. We are expecting 50 plus students for which we need to build some more rooms.
4. Please pray for my studies. Currently, I am doing my D.Min. program at Chil Chil Baptist Bible College & Seminary, Kanglatongbi, Imphal.
5. Please pray for my US visa interviews either later this month or early next month. The interview dates are not yet known. Pastor Athing Shimray is helping me in scheduling my appointment.
6. Please pray for the October-November pastoral and leadership training program in Ukhrul with Pastor Tony Miller, Pastor Jack Samargo and Dr. Jim.


I thank Rev. Dr. James W. Starr, Founder and Director of Vision2020Asia & Beyond Network for continual support from the beginning until today.
I thank Dr. Gary Newhart, Director of IGM and his wife, Madam Nancy Newhart, for inviting me to attend the Mission Training Conference.
I thank Pastor Randy Johnson and Pastor Cory Chartier for the financial help for the guest house construction.
I thank Dr. David T. Wijunamai, President of Chil Chil, for giving me a scholarship for my studies today.

Most of all, I thank my heavenly Father for His faithfulness in my life until today. May His Name be glorified through our ministries and services.

Thanking you.

In Christ,
Rev. Nongwon Kumrah