Ninglum Wungkhai, Vision2020Asia — Truth & Freedom

May Update, 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you all for your unceasing prayer and encouragement for the work in the border of India and Myanmar.

We are moving forward again to the next step to build up this church which is beside the Chindwin River of Myanmar. This picture was taken on our recent mission trip to Myanmar. The church fellowship was just started in 2015 and has grown to about 25 members. There are about 65,000 people living in this small town called Htamanti which is predominantly Buddhist. We believe and pray that this church will surely become the mission center to reach thousands of Buddhists in this area as this place is considered one of the populated commercial hubs beside the big Chindwin river. We need your unceasing prayer.

Here is a man of 45 years, living in Lyssy town, Myanmar who was paralyzed for almost four years. It was a great blessing to meet this man. After a short time of interaction, I had the opportunity to ask him whether he had received Jesus as his personal Savior. He said he didn’t know how to receive but he wanted to receive. It was a great opportunity for me to witness to him about the love of Jesus and show him how to get saved. He admitted that he was a
sinner and wanted to receive God’s forgiveness. We prayed together and he received Jesus as His Savior. Lastly, I told him, even if we don’t meet again on this earth, we will meet in the air very soon. What a joy to see the happiness that filled in his heart after hearing God’s Word. Dear believers, I just want to remind you with this prayer letter that to stay happy, keep witnessing, and you, too, will surely experience immeasurable blessing. If we stop witnessing, we stop being happy Christians.

By His grace, the Truth and Freedom Bible Course is going smoothly. It is a course of 25 lessons for the born-again Christian written by Dr. Gene Gurganus. It is simple, but very powerful and the lessons are written in the context of India. It covers basic Bible knowledge about salvation, God, Christ, the ordinances, Christian living, basic doctrines, eschatology etc. Right now, 65 are enrolled in this course.

Thank you for taking time to read my update in spite of your busy schedule. We are praying for you and for your church, too.

With humble prayer,
Ninglum Wungkhai, wife, Timtim, and son, Pioneer
Missionary and Church Planter in India

Mission Partner: International Gospel Mission and VISION2020ASIA

This is how we usually maintain the list of the students in our records who enroll in the Truth and Freedom Bible Course. We use these forms to keep track of each lesson so that every student read all the lessons and returns the answers to qualify for the graduation program. This is the list of the students who graduated recently. It is just for your knowledge for accountability because accountability with authority is accountability with God.