Ninglum Wungkhai, Vision2020Asia — New Missionaries

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

Thank you for your unceasing prayer for us.

We, the VBN (Missionaries & Pastors Team) realizes the necessity of recruiting more missionaries to reach different parts of the 10/40 window. Therefore, we made a great commitment to recruit 7 church planters who will be working with us to plant more churches in different parts of Northeast India and Myanmar. By His grace, we trained these church planters for 5 days at Chumbang Baptist Church on August 22-26, 2017 before we sent them out to the mission fields.

We trained them mainly in two areas. First, we taught them to have the qualities of a missionary – accountability to their supporting individuals and local churches by giving them ministry and financial reports every two to three months, soul-winning, etc. Second, we taught them the method of deputation – going into the local churches and to individuals to get their support and then going into the mission fields.

Sending these missionaries is the outcome of the unceasing preaching of Dr. Jim Starr, Director of Vision2020Asia, on missions. We are challenging the churches in Northeast India to send out more missionaries to the unreached parts of India and to the uttermost part of Asia.

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for these 7 church planters/missionaries to get their support and to work faithfully in the mission fields.
2. Please continue to pray for the Truth and Freedom Course as 82 students are enrolled at present.
3. Please continue to pray for our orphan children, for their education and good health.
4. Please continue to pray for our members that they may serve faithfully in our fellowship and church.
5. Please pray for the partner missionaries working faithfully in the border of India and Myanmar.

With Humble Prayer,
Ninglum Wungkhai, wife, Timtim, and son, Pioneer
Missionary and Church Planter in India