Ninglum Wungkhai, Vision2020Asia — New Church

January 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

The year 2017 has started with an amazing blessing in the border of India and Myanmar. We dedicated a beautiful Baptist church on the hill of a border village, Mopengluk town, Myanmar on the 22nd of January, 2017. We used to face great challenges to minister in this border area as this area is completely cut off from road accessibility. We walked for four days foot to reach the border’s villages. By His grace and through your unceasing prayer, we could successfully inaugurate this church. The areas where I am working are very bad in network connectivity due to the mountain areas and also due to the blockade and the negligence of the government. This is the reason I could not get on the Internet most of the time to give my update on a monthly basis. I ask your forgiveness and consideration.

Myanmar has been considered a closed country to the Gospel for many decades. We truly realize and envision that Mopengluk Town will become the centre of the Gospel to spread the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the valleys of Myanmar where millions of Buddhists are living. About 50 people have joined this new church. We thank God for their receptiveness to the Gospel.

I am an Indian citizen but I could freely move in Myanmar’s border as my complexion looks like theirs. Dr Jim Starr, Director Vision2020Asia always reminds us; “You are the right people, living in the right place, eating the right foods, having the right complexion etc. to take the Gospel to the unreached surrounding countries.” We thank God for the souls saved every day in our preaching and teaching.

Please have a glance at some more pictures of our mission trip in the border of India and Myanmar. We had a great time sharing the Gospel wherever we went in the forest and villages. We would sing hymns in the thick forest when the wild animals and birds started singing. We had a wonderful time serving God in this small corner of the world. Thank you so much to all our prayer partners for your unceasing prayer. We are looking forward to starting more churches in these areas.
Please continue to pray for me and my wife that we may be faithful in the least to do what God has given us the responsibility to do as His stewards of the Gospel.

With Humble Prayer,
Ninglum Wungkhai, wife, Timtim, and son, Pioneer
Missionary and Church Planter in India