Nimrod Bayron, Philippines — Update


We greet you all in the mighty Name of our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


“Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers; …And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,” Ephesians 1:16, 19  Truly, the living God and His faithfulness cannot be denied. Regardless of the distance, your fervent prayers have their effectual results for both of us.

Enna, my wife, is recovering well, thank you so much for your prayers. She can now help the school in minor ways and does things in the house. She tries to take her medication as prescribed and abstains from some foods that may cause her health to deteriorate.

Fritchie, 25 y/o, our eldest and first daughter, third from the right side of the photo above, has been in Clayton, Melbourne, Australia since January 5, 2017, taking her Master’s Degree in Education at Monash University. She will be staying there until August 2018. The Australian government shoulders all the expenses (including food, housing, tuition and other costs). This is an answer to prayer, for since she was a six year-old, she has dreamed of studying abroad. This is in connection with our school ministry, for she caught the vision of a school ministry. She has been to different churches looking for a good one, but what she has found is an extreme, megachurch or an old Anglican church. However, she was able to join an International Christian Student Organization similar to the student organization here in the Philippines. In addition, she invited a Sri Lankan student (non-believer) to one of their meetings. I always remind her of the privilege of witnessing to her fellow students for they come from different countries and religious backgrounds.

1. Please pray for her to be able to join an evangelistic and doctrinally sound church.
2. For her consistent health, and for the unpredictable weather in Melbourne
3. Wisdom and knowledge for her studies and to understand the different cultures

Frannie, 21 y/o, our second daughter, second from the right side of the photo above, is a great help in teaching at our school, hosts every activity and teaches Bible stories during the social hour (chapel hour) in our school. She plays our electric keyboard and helps plan the songs for our Sunday worship and Wednesday prayer meeting. She is responsible for overseeing the children of our church ministry and the young people. Please pray for her for endurance in serving voluntarily for the kingdom God.

Roden Lord, 19 y/o, our first son, second from the left side of the photo above, is working on his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree, a five-year degree. Most of the time, he is busy doing his projects in order to pass  a certain class and can seldom get home on weekends. This coming June, he will start his third year and will face more challenges. At the least, he needs a laptop ($1,000 USD) with high computing capabilities and updated software that would be fitting for programming and other computer uses. Please pray for him for more patience in doing his studies and for eagerness in looking for the presence of God.

Rodney Lloyd, 16 y/o, our second son, first from left side of the photo above, is now in senior high school and will be a grade twelve student this coming June 2017. He plays the guitar during our church services. In addition, we had a good one-on-one talk concerning life and decision-making. He assisted the carpenter on the ceiling of our house last month.

Faith Joy, 15 y/o, our youngest daughter, first from the right side of the photo above, is going to be a grade ten student this coming June. A strong-willed type, she attended Sibol Camp (for high school students) May 5-12, 2017 at Liloan Cebu (another island). That was her first time to be out of her comfort zone. She is less interested in musical instruments but loves to drive a motorcycle and loves to bake cakes, too.

CHURCH (New Believers)

The Agua Family

Warvin (the husband), before he knew Jesus as his Lord and Savior, loved to be with his friends, play the guitar, sing worldly songs and drink wine. This was the cause of conflict with his wife. He took for granted his responsibility to his family to have a regular job. Our local government gave him a job for two months as a market cleaner. It happened that the leader was one of the believers in our church. His fellow cleaners warned him not to stay close to the leader because he is not a Roman Catholic but Warvin did the opposite and asked questions of the believer. Then he visited our church twice and brought his family. Then it happened after our church service that I announced our coming water baptism and he asked me if he could, but I told him that we had to study the Bible first for him to understand, especially the eternal salvation that God has offered.

Jennifer (the wife), before she became a believer, she went to the Roman Catholic Church, but she kept on reading her pocket Bible and found out that the preaching of the priest was so different from the Bible. As we went through a series of Bible studies, they saw the authority of the Scripture and the truth in comparison to their previous faith. They both quickly defended their faith to those who tried to persecute them. She was happy about the changes in her husband after they gave their lives to the Lord and served Him. Warvin now has a regular job as a security guard at one of the local beach resorts in our town. The Lord has blessed them with a third child. Their neighbors and relatives saw the newness of their lives. They now faithfully serve our living God with gladness.

The Ilaga Family

Arnel and Ging-Ging have three children and lived in Mindanao. They decided to move here to our town. Arnel’s parents and relatives were our fellow believers in our church. They joined our church but they were not believers before that. Their children had regular Bible studies with other young people and were able to attend youth camps, too. They may be baptized after a series of Bible studies.

Through your prayers, there are souls coming to know the Lord Jesus. Many things have not yet been written in this page of what God is doing here in our lives as His servants and in the ministries that He has entrusted to us. I am looking forward to your continuous and untiring prayers and support for us.


Nimrod & Enna
Fritchie, Frannie, Roden Lord, Rodney Lloyd, & Faith Joy