Moses Chatla, India — Projects Update

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I love my national pledge which says this, “India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters…” Yes, I love my country, and it’s good to be back to see our brothers and sisters who live in this country. God has placed me here with a purpose and that purpose is to love and reach my brothers and sisters for Christ and to let them know that this is not our ultimate country but our everlasting citizenship is in heaven. It’s heartbreaking to see our people running and looking for the gods who can help them, whereas our God came down to earth looking for us.

Church Ministry

It’s such a joy to see our church believers after such a long time and I am rejoicing to see them growing in the Lord. I want to thank those personally who helped my three churches in my absence.

Over the last few years in one of the churches, we have had a lot of repairs. Whenever its rains, the whole church leaks and gets wet. It’s very hard to have the services. This trip gave me a chance to raise some money for the repairs and pretty soon, we are going to do some remodeling on the roof for this church. Please pray for this project.

Mount Zion Baptist Bible College

For June 2017 June – March 2018, we have 30 people in the Bible college from 6 different states, along with 5 faculty members. It’s always a joy to see them on my dad’s campus and training for 3 or 4 years to become strong disciples of the Lord. We love sending them to a new place to start a new church. They face hardships, but still stay faithful in their ministry and they are leading many to believe and grow in Christ.












Life Light Pregnancy Center

Many of you are praying for the pregnancy center ministry in India. Thank you so much for your prayers. This month, we got the privilege of meeting with pregnant ladies and we spent some good quality time with them. They shared their heavy hearts with us and there’s always a lot of tears because of what they are going through with their husbands and their mothers-in-law but we give them hope and peace through our God, Jesus Christ, by sharing the Gospel. They will always go home with the comforting Word of God and some people want to know more about Christ and a few will receive Christ as their personal Savior.




















Living Water Publications & Training Pastors

Indian pastors have a lot of zeal but little or no knowledge. Second, the majority do not have many academic qualifications (2nd grade, 4th grade and 10th grade educations). They find it difficult to learn through the traditional method of education, and do well when it is a more narrative (or oral) style. They do not have basic Biblical or theological training. Nor have they had the in-depth knowledge of the Word of God as most of them are chosen from the masses without much formal training. These preachers are not trained in theology. They often play with the sentiments of people and this can create communal tension. Third, a majority are first-generation Christians and struggle with understanding the big picture of the Bible and each individual book of the Bible. Our aim is to make the publications with simple language and diagrams so they are easy to understand, just like preparing for kindergartners. This is a great need at the present time. Without resources, they cannot reach the people. Books that encourage holy living can be helpful in our walk with Christ. Commentaries, Bible studies, devotional literature — there are many writings that can deepen our understanding of Scripture. Further, other books are helpful for many practical areas of life and information we need for daily living can found in books. Finally, it should be clear that the Bible is the most important Book and should receive highest priority among Christians. Other books can be beneficial and include truth, but only the Bible is “God-breathed” and inspired. These other books can help them walk with God, yet they must never distract from our commitment to the Word of God.

We are there to help equip and encourage them to grow deeper in their walk with Christ so they can be better able to impact others around through their ministries. At this time, we have 10 Bible survey books ready for print. For $350, we can print 500 copies of each survey. This means that $3,500.00 would cover the cost of printing 500 copies of all 10 Biblical survey books.




















Speaking Engagements

God has given me the privilege of speaking in different outreaches, churches, open-air preaching, youth meetings and pastors’ meetings. Please pray for the people who heard the Gospel.

Kids Feeding Project

Close to 1.3 million children in India die of hunger every year.
250 million Indians go to bed hungry each night.
The total number of undernourished people in India equates to three times the entire population of France.










1% of the goal has been reached.

Land in Gannavaram for All Ministries

We have tried many times to start a church in Gannavaram by renting a small house. However, no one is willing to rent us a house since I am a Christians and of a lower caste (or out-caste) according to Indian standards. God has brought us here is with a purpose and we are looking unto God to buy land in this town. Its costs are very high, but we have great God Who will provide our needs. India is a populated country and land prices are very high. We looked at one property in Gannavaram and the total cost is $60,000. Yes, it’s a large amount but we have a great God Who can provide.

If you would like to offer support for the land, write “land project” in the memo section of your check and our mission board will hold that amount until we get the total project amount. Even the smallest amount goes a long ways. Consider helping us in this big project.

Praise and Prayer Corner

Praise God for His grace, goodness, kindness, holiness & mercy.
Praise for all of the ways that God has blessed our family
Praise God for meeting some our needs in my US trip.
Praise God for adding new believers to the church.
Praise God for keeping us safe from all the troubles and persecution.


Pray for all the ministries.
Pray for monthly support of $400 for Life Light Pregnancy Center & Feeding Center.
Pray for the three churches.
Pray for the new church that God would provide money for the land.
Pray for India.

For the Ministry,
Pastor Moses Chatla