Moses Chatla, India — Ministry Report and Upcoming Visit

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

God’s mercies are new every day. There are new evidences of Yahweh’s loving-kindness and compassion every day that testify to His great faithfulness (cf. Ps. 36:5, 7). His daily provision of manna for the Israelites in the wilderness was one example of this. What will get you through today? What will enable you to achieve your goals, even thrive, in the days that lie ahead? The LORD’s mercies. These incredible resources never run out! Each new day brings a fresh supply of them. God is faithful to make sure we have them each day. Praise be to God for making our world new and clean each new day!

God willing, our family is planning to be in the States from April to June 2017. It is my earnest desire to share with you what God is doing in India and what we are confident God will accomplish in the future as He continues to lead us in many Gospel opportunities. See letter below about the ministry I am doing in India. Please give us the time to share the ministry in your church either it 2 minutes or 5 minutes or the whole service.

Ministry Report

We are praising God that He is preparing the hearts of people. Once they were so stubborn to the Gospel but by God’s grace, they are now open. In the last few years of church ministry, we have seen lots of changes in people’s heart in the villages with respect to the Gospel. It’s not because of our greatness, but because of all the prayers that God answered in giving us the freedom to share the Gospel. All is not easy; we still have problems with the church and ask that you keep that in your prayers.

Believers’ Conference

Last year, we had a wonderful 5-day believers’ conference and God really blessed everyone with His Word. We had different speakers in the conference and God also gave me the privilege of speaking at the conference. We had around 5,000 gather for this conference. Every year, it is a joy to see that people are coming to know the Lord and more believers are added to the church. All these people will come and stay in the church. We have 60 restrooms: 30 for men, 30 for women and they just take a bath and stay in the church. Even though they don’t have good accommodations, they still want to sit in the presence of God, hear the Word and be encouraged by the Word for the New Year. We had three sessions every day. In the morning was a Bible study from 9 am to 11 am. The main session was from 12 pm to 4 pm and the evening main session was from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm. During this conference, we saw 100 people baptized and we praise God for what He is doing in India.


We had a wonderful Christmas celebration in the month of December with carols, cottage meetings, open-air meetings, semi-Christmases, and a lot of prayers. December is a fun time for me. I always look forward to this month because this is the time many Hindu people to the church just for the prayer. God has given me the opportunity to share the Good News with many people. Thank God for using me for His glory.

Book Publication

We launched Living Water Publications in January 2016 and released a book on the tabernacle at our March conference. The Book of Genesis, Book of Exodus, Psalms and Proverbs are ready for print. The total cost is $6,000. I have been writing these books for the last five years for many hours day and night and still I have many that are ready for the final proof. It is an urgent need in our ministry, and if God leads you, please support this vital ministry. With these publications, many untrained pastors will be benefited. We hope God will answer our prayers soon.

Dad’s Health Report

Many of you know that my dad accidentally slipped and fell down from the 1st floor onto the ground on July 7th, 2016. It could have been a major debacle but no harm or major injury was found. However, for the last 7 months, he has been bedridden because of his spinal problem and also, when he fell down, his right big toe was fractured. The doctors did a small operation but it didn’t heal because of his diabetes and finally, they removed the toe in November 2016. Last week, the doctor said the infection had spread through the foot and did an operation last Saturday to remove the infection and pus and they are doing dressing every day. Yesterday, they said that in order to heal soon, they are
planning to do Vacuum-Assisted Closure Therapy today. Please keep him in your prayers.

Praise and Prayer Corner

1. Protection of our family from snakes
2. New people being added to the church
3. Taking care of my family through your faithful support
4. For His comfort through hardship
5. Titus’ school bill is paid for the year.
6. Lindsey’s school bill is paid for the first quarter.


1. Church ministry
2. Pregnancy ministry
3. General ministry needs
4. God’s protection of our family
5. The church’s debt
6. The church ministry
7. $6,000 for printing books
8. General ministry needs
9. God’s protection of our family
10. Dad’s health
11. Living Water Publications Ministry
12. USA trip & travel expanses
13. Monthly support

For the Ministry,
Pastor Moses Chatla

Dear Pastor,

I am writing this letter to inform you about my family’s upcoming trip to the US. As of right now, we are planning on being in the States April 6th-June 8th, 2017. It is my earnest desire to share what God is doing in India
and what we are confident God will accomplish in the future as He continues to lead us in many Gospel opportunities. Open doors for the Gospel are everywhere in our country, yet often times, the necessary supplies, facilities and support are not.

Church Planting

Our Lord Jesus Christ commands us in Mark 16:15 to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” In obedience to this commandment, the disciple, Thomas, came to India and preached the Gospel. Still, many have not heard the Name, “Jesus” even once in their life. India has population of 120 billion with more than 1,652 languages spoken in 29 states. Most of the people live in 7,000,000 villages. Our vision is to reach those unreached people in this heathen nation for the glory of our Savior.













Bible College

We train kids to know their calling, theology, what they believe, and to defend their faith and guard against false teachings. This year, we have students from 14 states in India. Every state speaks a different language but our common language is English. We get many applications but we take only 40 students a year and we mold them to become what God has called them to be. We charge the students 200 rupees ($3.30) every month but some people are not able to pay 200 rupees so we give them scholarships. Now we have 16 different students who have started churches, become missionaries and become teachers. We want to run this college for the greater cause of reaching the unreached. It’s only running through people who are sacrificing to give every month.













Pastors’ Training

Today, more and more Indian pastors are overwhelmed, discouraged, feel the pains and pressures of ministry, the stress of one’s personal life as well as the anguish of others. Many pastors do not have any or much pastoral training. Our vision is to provide classes for pastors and teach them on different topics like evangelism, homiletics, doctrine, church history, pastoral ministry and leadership training. If you have a vision of helping the untrained pastors through your teaching, we would be happy to have you work with us, which will benefit our pastors for the extension of His kingdom.









Living Water Publication

Living Water Publications material/books/brochures are designed for the ambitious learners from the rural ecclesiastical leadership who have no basic theological education or have no access to theological education. By providing material in their language, they can grow in wisdom concerning the most necessary and relevant topics on Bible, theology and society. There is a great need to communicate the Gospel more effectively in the face of fast-changing times. In the contexts of heresies, hostility, opposition and persecution, there is a monumental need to know God’s Word in order to stand firm in the faith.







Pregnancy Center

Life Light Pregnancy Center in Redding, CA has given us some excellent DVDs for pregnant women from their first trimester until the baby reaches three years of age. We conduct classes by showing those DVDs to the pregnant women. Our vision is to stand beside these women and help them become emotionally and spiritually healthy by meeting some of their physical needs like food, clothing, baby items and sharing about our God.















Thank you.

In His Service,
Pastor Moses Chatla