Richard & Becky Sugden

Missionary Evangelist

Richard and Becky Sugden joined IGM in 1993. During his years as an evangelist, Rev. Sugden has traveled around the world, preaching at evangelistic crusades and aiding national pastors in soul-winning and church-planting efforts. Over 50 churches have been planted in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Haiti, Jamaica, and other countries as a direct result of Brother Sugden’s preaching. Many of these churches are now pastored by IGM partners. In 2001, Brother Rick was stricken with a chronic condition that included both rheumatoid and neurological symptoms. As a result of this condition, Rev. Sugden is no longer able to travel; however, he still administers the Sugden P.A.L.S. ministry, a short-term support fund for national pastors in four different countries taking over new church plants. In 2010, Rick Sugden was awarded Lifetime Missionary Emeritus status with IGM on the basis of his outstanding service to the Lord.