Kossi Soadjede – Togo

Kossi’s salvation testimony:  “I came across an American missionary and a Togolese brother who were evangelizing and inviting people to watch a Christian movie about the life of Christ. That evening, I responded to the invitation call of salvation and I trusted the Lord and accepted Christ as my Savior.”

Kossi’s call to ministry:  “After I got saved, one day I read in my Bible  Acts 13:47. I saw that verse and my heart burned to respond to the Lord’s call and to be a light for the Gentiles and spread the Gospel of salvation:  Go ye, Matthew 28:19. My desire and joy is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

Kossi is currently the pastor of a church he started in Baguida Benome. Attendance is 30-40 people each Sunday. They have no permanent place to worship but move from place to place. Kossi’s son, Timothe, is currently attending Dayspring Bible College and Seminary and hopes to return to Togo to assist his father in the church.