Clifford & Lilibeth Snyder

DSC_0031US / Philippine Ministry

Clifford and Lilibeth Snyder have been serving with IGM since 1997.  After living with an agnostic father and filling his time with worldly pursuits, Clifford accepted the Lord as his personal Savior at the age of 26 in October, 1987.  In 1994, the Lord gave him a burden for the people of the Philippines, and in September, 1996, he arrived there to begin serving the Lord. Lilibeth made her salvation sure and recommitted her life to the Lord in October, 1987.  She attended college and earned a B.A. in Elementary Education in 1994. She also studied at Harvest Baptist Bible College in Davao City to equip her for ministry.  Clifford and Lilibeth were married in 1996, and two years later, moved to Tagum City. They served in Tagum City for 10 years.

In September, 2007, the Snyders moved to the United States so Lilibeth could obtain her US citizenship, which she received in July 2011.  They are committed to help their local church, Outlook Community Christian Church, Outlook, Washington, in an equipping capacity, as well as being involved in evangelism, jail ministry, and visiting various congregations to present their ministry. Even though they are here in the United States, they are still actively involved in the different ministries back in the Philippines. The Lord has raised up servants to take over the various ministries in Tagum City so that they  continue to have an impact on the people in that area.  All the ministries are active and growing.  During their 3 years in the US, they have regularly traveled back to the Philippines to hold evangelistic meetings, training, visitation, etc.  They are building a multi-purpose facility to be used primarily as a school, as well as a conference and worship hall, Bible training center, and outreach center. This building is in a strategically located area to more effectively and efficiently reach unbelievers and train and build up believers among the Filipino people.