David Adegne Douyon-Bamako and Anne Douyon, Mali

David DouyonDavid was born and raised in a Christian home and considered himself a Christian. He came to faith through his uncle, Mr. Allaye Douyon, who is an evangelist. He came to David’s village to preach the Gospel. His message was based on John 3:16-17. He said that we are all sinners and need Jesus Christ in order to have salvation. Being born into a Christian family doesn’t make a person a Christian. We are all sinners and have strayed from the way of God according to Romans 3:23 and Romans 3:10.  His vision is to evangelize and plant churches in the region of Mopti. Sevare is a big city and a crossroads in Mali. It is in the center of the country and connects the south to the north. David is a native of the Mopti region. The languages of the region are Fulani, Dogon, Bambara and French, the official language. David is Dogon but speaks all four languages. He is married to Anne Douyon and they have three children: Nathanael Kene Douyon, Damiel Douyon and Israel Douyon.