Shimreipam Phungshok



Christ-Centered Baptist Ministry

Shimreipam Phungshok joined IGM in January, 2010, working through Vision2020Asia. Shimrei was born in India to Godly Christian parents, but did not personally accept Christ until 2002 at a youth camp. There, Jesus touched his life with great love and he accepted His free gift of salvation. A week later, he surrendered to God’s call to preach. Shimreipam and Awon were married in November, 2011.

Mission: Shimreipam has an intense desire to impact his home country for the cause of Christ by planting local churches. The Lord has called him to return home to begin independent, fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist churches. He wants to accomplish this by using the Biblical model of soul-winning, baptism, and Biblical discipleship. His home country is in desperate need of revival and only by the preaching of the Gospel will this be accomplished. Shimrei truly desires to be a part of helping to fulfill the Great Commission of Awon with Jeremiah and FaithChrist.