Pastor & Mrs. Ninglum Wungkhai

Ninglum Wungkhai and Family, Vision2020Asia                                         

Indo-Myanmar Border Mission
Ninglum Wungkhai joined IGM in January, 2010, working through Vision2020Asia. Ning was saved as a teen when a preacher told him that knowing Jesus by name would not save him if he did not receive Him in his heart. He poured out his heart to God to forgive his sin and received Jesus as personal Savior. When he was mocked for his testimony, he realized the lost could not know about Jesus unless someone witnessed to them. He dedicated his life to serve God and become a preacher. God brought a trial into Ning’s life when, at the age of 18, he lost both his parents. He took  the responsibility of caring for and working to feed his brother and sister. His situation gave him compassion for street children and orphans and caused him to ask God to use him to care for them. God opened the door for Ning to attend Bible College in Southern India. After school, he returned home and organized a group of college students to visit the border area villages. One of the village elders told him, “Brother, you are [only] the second person who came and talked about Jesus in my village.” He was challenged again to become a preacher. God then opened the door for him to attend West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA.

“42 million of the 1.3 billion total population of India live in the NE sector bordering Myanmar and China. 80% of the population is Hindu. These areas are considered protected by the Indian government due to insurgency. God has opened the door for a few missionaries to get ‘Special Permit’ visas for this place. People are most receptive to the Gospel and thousands are being saved.  However, many of the tribal people in border towns and villages have never heard about Jesus.  I consider it a high calling to be called to minister in these closed areas among my own people. My vision is to establish a soul-winning church, Christian school, Bible Institute, and translation work. I also would like to establish a Children’s Home to train orphans.” ~Ning