Pastor Mohan Kumar and Padma Mohan

Family 2Mohan’s Salvation Testimony

“I was a Hindu by birth and naturally, as a Hindu, I used to worship gods made of clay, wood, stone, bronze, brass, etc., but I did not have satisfaction or joy.” As a child, he used to wonder who the real God was since there were three million gods in his country. As a teenager, he was invited to a Christian meeting in his neighborhood and reluctantly attended. There, the Lord spoke to him, he realized he was a sinner, and, after some days of hearing the Word of God, he accepted the Lord as his personal Savior. He was baptized in 1979.  Mohan and Padma started the children’s and church ministries in 1990 by faith and the Lord has been faithful to them in all things. Their current ministries are winning children and adults to the Lord, working with a daughter church 25 KM away from the main church, village ministries and training national pastors. Other ministries include an orphanage, women’s ministry, Bible studies, crusades and conferences, rural and tribal ministry, counseling, radio and TV and HIV ministry.  Mohan and Padma have two grown children, Ebenezer and Nissi.