Kummaragunta Vijayanandam and J. Praveena Eunice

Vijayanandam familyKummaragunta’s Testimony
“I was forced by my friends to attend a youth meeting. There, I accepted Christ as my personal Savior as I heard the preacher preaching about the need of forgiveness for my sins.”
Kummaragunta has pastored for the last 5 years, leading and baptizing more than 150 members, started an independent, Bible-believing church called Grace & Truth Bible Ministries and has preached the Gospel in more than 60 villages. He has been involved in church-planting, editing the Christian magazine, Companion in the Telugu language, slum children’s ministry (orphanages), rural evangelism and a disciple training center. He is married to J. Praveena Eunice and they have a son, K. Timothy Dalton.