Chatla Devasahayam

D Chatla

Baptist India Ministries

. . . in His service, producing pastors and planting churches for thirty-five years

Rev. Dr. Chatla and Mary have been serving with IGM since 1987.  Dr. Chatla is the founder and president of Baptist India Ministries.  Baptist India Ministries consists of:

  1. Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship
  • Producing church planters for 56 years
  • Reaching high caste, orthodox Hindus and planting churches
  • Promoting Baptist Fundamentals opposing changing trends and modernism

Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship is an association of hundreds of pastors, ministering in almost 350 churches. Several Bible women and hundreds of missionary pastors are helping to plant churches throughout India. ICBBGF was founded in the 1950s in Andhra Pradesh among high-caste Hindus who worshipped idols. Dr. Ishmael, founder of the fellowship, faced much opposition and persecution. He and his wife, Mrs. Vazramma, resigned their positions as teachers in a Baptist school and followed the call of God to plant churches by faith. Through their faith and prayer, the Lord began to move and several churches were planted in the midst of frightening opposition. After Dr. and Mrs. Ishmael passed on to be with the Lord in 1994, Dr. Devasahayam took over the leadership. The fellowship has grown in an enormous way, spreading into other states in India. Through Mt. Zion College, ICBBGF has been able to provide sound training to new pastors, but the previous generation of pastors still needs training in foundations. Charismatics and Pentecostals have had strong influence in many areas, along with other cults. The Fellowship is developing ongoing teaching conferences to lay a strong foundation in fundamental, Bible-believing, Baptist doctrine among these older pastors in the areas of church administration and stewardship.

 2.   Mount Zion Baptist Bible College & Seminary (founded 1998)

  •    Training pastors and helping to plant churches
  •    Reaching all over India/Asia with their students
  •    Offering an under-graduate program
  •    Praying to start a graduate program to reach the academic, business, and management sectors

3.   J.F.D. Orphan Homes (founded 1982)

  • Born out of the devastating cyclone in 1977
  • Hundreds of orphans and homeless children are received as kids, delivered as high school graduates
  • Molding the Physical, Economic, Academic, and Spiritual aspects of each child with Biblical values
  • Numbers of orphans become church planters

 4.   J.F.D. Christian School (founded 2000)

  • Providing first-time education to 400 kids from the surrounding seventeen hamlets
  • A vision to transform lifestyles from bonded labor to self-employment
  • Envisioned to plant churches in each of these villages

Please keep all these ministries in your prayers and pray that God will bring in the financial support needed to continue them.