Larque Vaye, Liberia — Calvary Baptist Church Second Quarter Newsletter

I praise the Lord for my safe arrival home following months of visiting in the US. I also thank Dr. Gary Newhart, the IGM staff, and supporting churches who prayed and supported me and my ministries during my four months’ stay in the US. Indeed, the Lord was good to me.

I left for the US on February 27 and arrived in Rochester, New York on February 28 at the invitation of the International Gospel Missions. For one and a half months, I visited several churches in Ohio and New York, challenging the American churches and sharing the ministries at Calvary Baptist Church, Liberia.

On April 20, 2018, I left for Sterling, Alaska at the invitation of the Sterling Baptist Church, of which the late Jake Jacobson (in whose memory the Jake Memorial Baptist College is named) was a member. Pastor Andrew Miller and the church received me very warmly, and treated me with great hospitality and honor. Church members took turns taking me out for lunch and supper. I spent one week in Alaska, taught Sunday School, preached, and taught AWANA on Wednesday. At the end of the visit, the church contributed toward the church project and promised to support the Jake Memorial Baptist College monthly, which has started.

From Alaska, I also visited Rev. and Sister Ruth Whangar in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Rev. Vambram, Emmanuel and Laurente Nanon; and Thomas Darsaw and family in Sioux Falls, South Dakata. On Sunday, April 6, 2018, I worshipped with the First Baptist Church. As a result of the visit, the church promised to help support the building project. During my stay in Sioux Falls, I also met with Dr. Randy Nilsson, Dean of International Students at the University of Sioux, who took me out for supper and promised to pray for our work in Liberia. Other members I visited on this trip were Deacon Melvin Ngwayay and family, Muscatine, Iowa; Brother Diakeaye Gongloe and his wife in Iowa; Dr. and Mrs. John Vanden Akker, former missionaries and teachers, in Indiana.

From May 22 until my departure, I was with Sister Christiana Seke Saryee and her children in Philadelphia, PA. As a result of my visit to the Spirit of Truth Ministry, where Sister Chris worships, Pastor Samuel Farhat, pastor of the church, donated some shoes and sneakers to Calvary, while Bother Arnold Y. Buchanan, one of the members, donated some used laptops. On Monday, June 4, I travelled to Indianapolis, Indiana to visit Rev. Marvis Hale of the Villa Baptist Church. I also visited the Indianapolis Baptist Tabernacle at the invitation of former Pastor Greg Dixon. During the evening service, the church raised an offering to help with the building project. On June 17, I preached at the Good News Baptist church in Willingboro, New Jersey on their Father’s Day program.

The last leg of my trip took me to Grand Rapids, Michigan as guest of the Highland Hill Baptist Church where I preached on Sunday, June 24.

I attended the GARBC conference from June 26 to the 29 in Fishers, Indiana along with three Liberian ministers (Rev. John K. Sackie, Rev. Joseph Moore, and Rev. Thomas Yeanse). The theme of this year’s conference was Love That Church, with text taken from the book of Ephesians. Thanks to Rev. Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International for the invitation and hospitality.

During my visit, the Calvary Baptist Church Association in the US, headed by Brother Prynce Ngwayah, Brother Allenton Kaska, and Sister Chris Saryee, had several phone conferences to discuss the building project. Following many meetings and discussions, the group agreed to raise the sum of $ 10,000 as their own contribution toward the project. Some members have already started making their contributions toward this amount.

I extend my thanks and appreciation to all the churches and individuals (our IGM churches and supporters) who made contributions toward the church project, my orphans, and our personal support. May God richly bless you all.

During the second quarter at the church, more new coverts trusted the Lord as Savior (52). Ten (10) persons got baptized. The building project remained on course. Discipleship class was opened to grow members in the Bible. The Jake Memorial Baptist College relocation project made progress by locating the area for the new campus and construction work will begin soon. The casting of the office floor and balcony begins this week to be followed by the building of the upstairs walls. The Jake Memorial Baptist College construction project will begin soon. Meanwhile, classes for the academic year 2018/2019 begins in August.

Please pray for the following requests:

1. That the Lord will give Rose and I physical and spiritual strength to continue to serve the Lord here at Calvary.
2. For our family and for funds to put all the kids in school
3. For the spiritual growth of the church, as well as the building project
4. For the Jake Memorial Baptist College development program
5. For our president and the difficult economic situation the country is facing