Larque Vaye, Liberia — 2016 in Review

Rev. and Rose Larque Vaye, Calvary Baptist Church, Monrovia, Liberia

Serving with International Gospel Missions

We give thanks and praises to the Lord for ushering us into the new year. Indeed, God has been good to us as a church and a family. Our services, including Sunday School, children’s church, Sunday worship services and Wednesday prayer meetings and Bible studies were well-attended. During the year under review, the ministries of the church (departments, day school, fellowships) continued. Two baptismal services were held and many new converts got saved. The year 2016 was also a challenging year for the church. Financially, meeting our budget was a serious problem due to the country’s present economy. With the drawdown of United Nation Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) coupled with the high unemployment rate, most members were not able to support the church with their tithes and offerings. For example, according to our third quarter financial report, “the collection for both Liberian and United States dollars dropped below the collection budget.” This trend continued to the end of the year. Another major challenge was our inability to begin the building project which was high on the church plan for 2016. The project could not start due to the delay by the Ministry of Public Works to approve the blue print. This report highlights major activities for each quarter and includes constraints and prayer requests.

Appreciation from our Family

We thank the Lord for His continued blessings on our family. Events marking the official dedication of our residence took place in February, 2016. Our elder son, Macmillan Vaye, graduated from the University of Liberia in December with a BSc degree in Political Science and Economics. Our last son, Sammy, completed his diploma in IT training during the year as well. All of our kids are doing well in school.

Rose’s health has been relatively good. Though her back still hurts, she is not bedridden but moves around and does her work. Last year, she enrolled in a soap-making training program and is presently producing laundry soap, bath soap and other detergent products to help support the family. Lord willing, she will be leaving for Accra, Ghana in February for a medical checkup. We thank all our friends and partners for the support and prayers.

Quarters’ Report

With the preaching of the Gospel in all of our churches, fellowships and schools, many trusted Christ as Lord and Savior, 35 persons got baptized at Calvary and more than 200 persons got converted.

During the first quarter, I conducted two workshops for two of our churches and attended an ordination program for the Pastor of the Tappita Baptist Church, Rev. Kerdo Dwanyen. On January 31st, I baptized eight (8) candidates at a new church plant in Caldwell New Georgia. I also attended the funeral of Pastor Daniel Garway of the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Rivercess County.

During the second quarter, we baptized 25 converts and I conducted a deacons’ training seminar for the Bethlehem Baptist Church. On July 31st, the church elected seven deacons, the church secretary, treasurer, Sunday School superintendent and school boar

d members to serve for the next two to three years. On August 27th, a leadership workshop was held for church leaders including leaders from the fellowships. On November 29th, 2016 a couple’s retreat was held at the home of the Whiangars, which brought together couples of the church.

Other Activities for the Months of November and December

1. Pastors’ Appreciation service which was held the third Sunday in November. All of our pastors (more than 12) were appreciated and given food items and money by the church.
2. Children’s program was held the last Sunday in November.
3. Anniversary activities commenced with a three-day revival from Wednesday, December 21st to Friday, December 23rd. It was climaxed with the 54th anniversary service, which was held on Sunday, December 25, Christmas Day. The program brought together members of the church and sister churches.


During the year under review, six of our church members got married. On May 27th, 2016, a wedding ceremony was held between Williza Warner and Mr. Supuwood. That was followed on August 13th by a wedding between Wennie Farkollie and Eddie Ponpon in a color ceremony. On November 20th, Brother Jeremiah Kolleh took the hand of Sarah Binda in a wedding which was held at the Greater Love Bible Baptist Church on 15th Street. Sister Teta Thompson got wedded to Mr. Domah while Grace Gbessagee also got married. The last wedding of the year took place between Karine Davis and Mr. Anderson at the church edifice on December 31st.

Sick and Shut-Ins
Prayers continue to be offered for the following church members who are still sick:
1. Theodore Noring. Theo remains in a coma after more than one year since the accident in September of 2015. The church made an initial contribution of USD $1,000 to his wife, Jovita.
2. Pastor Diorh O. Barnes. Pastor Barnes is making steady progress. In June, the Pastors’ Fellowship paid him a visit and made a cash contribution.
3. Evangelist Garmonyou Yeargar. Since his departure for up country in 2015, Brother Yeargar is still sick. Meanwhile, the church continues to support him.


While the year 2016 was a good year, it was also a sad year for the church with the passing of three of its members. A memorial service for Roberta Kai was held on Saturday, May 29th at the church edifice. Sister Roberta died shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer. On Saturday, September 17, 2016, a burial ceremony for Brother Michael Gaye was held at the Duazon cemetery in Margibi County. Brother Gayewea died after years of protracted sickness. Brother Gaywea was a Sunday School teacher in the 1980s and early 1990s. In November, Brother Ujay Salwah of the Usher Board passed. Late in the month of November, Brother Hamilton Ben died and was buried in early December. Brother Hamilton was a graduate of our school and a member of the choir.

Fellowships and Church Plants

Calvary continues to support local pastors and evangelists. During the year, the Zwedru Baptist Fellowship started the construction of a new edifice with the completion of the roofing. Work continues this new year to build the walls. Please pray for Pastor Alex Robert’s family. He needs funds to send his children to school. Alex has nine (9) children.

The Central Baptist Fellowship made significant progress during the year. With the help of Calvary, they built a new church in the Johnsonville area. Four (4) persons were awaiting baptism by the end of December.

Attendance at two of our fellowships is improving due to the introduction of the AWANA program. The Believers Baptist and the New Life Baptist Fellowships continue to report increases in their membership as the result of the AWANA program.


There were many challenges during the year.

1. While we praise the Lord for Rose’s health, she continues to experience pain in her back and is scheduled to go to Accra in February.
2. We could not begin our church renovation work on the main edifice as planned due to a delay from the government.  
3. With the downward trend in our economy, we could not meet our budget. As the result, we were unable to carry out some of our programs like the building of the new school in Todee. We may not be able to continue our support to some of the evangelists and pastors who serve in the interior.

Prayer Requests

1. Rose’s medical trip to Accra in February. We have some of the funds on hand but still need a balance of USD $1,000.
2. All of our pastors and members who are sick
3. The Lord’s provision for our budget for 2017
4. The commencement of our building project
5. Support for our evangelists and interior pastors.
6. Support for five of our orphans
7. Our general and presidential elections in October

We thank all those who prayed for us and helped to support our family and ministries here in Liberia. Our thanks and appreciation go to Dr. Randy Nelson who helped with our children’s school fees. Thanks also go to the Good News Baptist Church, Willingboro, NJ, who helped to support some of our men on the field. We thank Brother Michael and Sister Megan Rodriguez, Sister Lynda White and the Bradford Baptist Church who continue to pray for and support our orphans. Thanks go to the First Baptist Church of Lewis for the gift for Rose’s medical trip. We also appreciate the gift from Pastor Less and Sister Jane Zerbe toward Rose’s medical bill. We are grateful to our IGM family and the office staff for all the hard work. To all our friends and prayer partners, we appreciate your prayers. As we start a new year, please continue to pray for us as we together reach the world with the Gospel of our Lord.