Kouami Midekor, Togo — Salvation and Baptism

Subject: Ministry Update from Togo

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We would to take this time to update you on the ministry in Togo. The Lord has been gracious to us at the beginning of this year 2017 both with our family and the ministry.


We are all doing well by the grace of God. We thank God for the many blessings that He has bestowed upon us. Physically, we are enjoying good health. The children are doing good with their education;   Mikayla, in grade 10, Joshua in his second year in college, and Jonathan, graduating in April from college. Lord willing, we plan to attend Jonathan’s graduation in April. Afi and I are preparing for the trip. Please, pray that the Lord would enable us to travel.

Please allow us to give to you a synopsis of the ministry in one of the churches, in the north, in the town of Ngambi, 500 kilometers from Lome, where we reside. The church in Ngambi is blessed with many saved and baptized souls, and continues to prosper both spiritually and numerically.

Last Saturday, we had the blessings of the Lord as we shared the joy of baptizing many saved souls in that town. It was a joy with many blessings.

As the Lord permits, we will give you highlights from some of the churches on a regular basis.


1. Please pray for the spiritual health of the churches in Togo.
2. Please, pray for our upcoming trip to Florida for Jonathan’s college graduation.
3. Please, pray for this 4 month-old baby boy who has some kind of birth defects. No one knows what they are. Please, see the photograph where he is being held by a woman who visits us with her husband. The parents are worshiping in the church at Ngambi. Please, pray that God would heal this baby.
4. Praise God with us as He has enabled for two more works, in WOAMAN and OBOUMDAPO, in the prefecture of Mango.

God bless you all as you read.

Sincerely in Christ,
Kouami and Afi Midekor
Serving in Togo