Kouakou N’Doumi Rene Konan, Ivory Coast — Report

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

We give thanks to the Lord Who is faithful and Who strengthens us in His work.

At the level of the work, our membership has increased to twenty-five members, including children. We continue to work, but the major problem remains for us a place of worship. We worship in our living room which can only hold
fifteen (15) people at most, and you can see that in this time of coronavirus, people cannot come into a cramped place.

At the family level, we are doing well by the grace of God. We give thanks to the Lord for our children who all passed their exams. However, this good news will generate additional costs, because one of them will enter university this
year and without a scholarship, it will be a bit difficult.

We have among our members a poor family whose father does not have a job and whom we help from time to time with our limited means.

This is our report on the progress of the work. We do not have real support from anyone. Everything is our responsibility. Thanks be to God Who makes us capable and Who has started this good work in us and Who we are convinced will
make it perfect for the day of Christ.

May the Lord bless you for your work and for all that you do for the advancement of His kingdom.

Pastor Konan Kouakou N’doumi René