Kossi Thomas Soadjede, Togo — Projects

Dear Pastors and Friends,

Greetings to all of you in the Name of Christ, our only Savior.
I Thessalonians 5:25, 26, 28 “Brethren,pray for us. Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

Again, we thank all of you for your prayers and financial support for the Lord’s ministry. We are so sorry for not being on time in sending our newsletter with new pictures of our family plus the progress of the ministry.

The Lord brought Madame Akpakossou back to our church.

Also, we thank God because my daughter, Anne-Grâce, invited her classmate, Koudiabo Esther, to come to church.

The Assagba family, a couple with three boys, has now joined our church.

God blessed us with a friend’s help in taking down the bamboo and the palm branches and replacing them with a cement wall in front of the church building.

Some of our orphans and abandoned kids now have their birth certificate and can go to school. Amen and thanks to God because He is the source of our blessings.

Family News

Our two daughters did a great job on their school Christmas exam. Our older daughter, Rebecca, completed the English school and completed the 6-month program. Now, it is time for the test of TOEFEL. Please be praying for Rebecca’s education. We need $240 for the English test fee which must be payed to the Department of Education and another $100 for visa fees. Anne-Grace did a great job in school. We are very proud of her.

Be praying for my wife’s health.

Be praying for my father’s salvation and that a new church will be started in my village. We have the land for the church building and we need about $6,000 for my village ministry. For the Agbata Lanzo area, a new church needs a worship place. A shelter, chairs, and other needs will cost $12,000.


Be praying for the construction work in cement to be completed like at the front side. The bamboo and palm branches are being taken down one by one because God’s people are praying and God is acting.

For the church’s roof: we thank God for blessing us with $300. We need $1,100 to finish the roof work.


A team from the United States of America, led by my sending church’s pastor, Joe Heater Major, will visit Togo to help us in the church ministry with: VBS, puppet shows, soul-winning and door-to-door evangelism. We will have pastors’ and church leaders’ seminars and the guest speaker, Pastor Joe Heater Major from Faith Baptist Church in Louisiana, will be preaching about soul-winning.

After two days, we will host a soccer tourney for the team of Église Baptiste la Foi, the Akekle soccer team, the Dinamo soccer team, the Devego soccer team, the Hollando Taxi soccer team, the Kodjoviakope soccer team of Edebayor Emmanuel Sheyi, the international soccer players of Togo, the Kpota Atsantime soccer team, and other Baptist churches’ soccer teams. Trophies and Bibles will awarded after the final game to the tournament champions, the second-place team, the most valuable player, the coach of the winning team, and to each member of all the teams. This event is for the purpose of preaching the Gospel to the lost and for distributing Bibles and tracts about how to be saved so that more souls can be saved. We need $6,400 to cover the summer event. Please, we need all your prayers and financial help for this one-time need.


Eyeglasses have been provided.

The front wall has been completely replaced with cement.
Motorcycles were provided.


Be praying for wisdom and God’s protection.
For our visitors
For GOD to provide for all our needs
For our monthly support to be at the necessary level
A van for the ministry

I will not end my letter without thanking you again.

We are praying daily for all of you.

Sincerely Yours in His Harvest,

Kossi Thomas and Akossiwa Soadjede