Kossi Thomas Soadjede, Togo — Lockdown

Newsletter from the Soadjedes

Update about COVID-19

Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings to all of you in our Lord Jesus Christ’s Name.

We are so tired of staying home, for the last seven months from March 3rd until now, because of the covid-19 pandemic. All churches, the good ones to the false, the Muslim mosques, all are still locked down.

We are getting information from our government that churches will be reopened very soon, but protocols are urgent and mandatory

# Washing of hands
# Wearing masks
# Staying 6 feet apart

We strongly believe that church and getting together are essential because God blesses when we all get together. Psalm 133:1-2

Sincerely, Yours in His Ministry,
The Soadjedes
Kossi Thomas & Akossiwa