Kossi Anika, Togo — Progress

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We greet you from Togo in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are glad to write you at this important period of the year. We would love to wish you all the best for the coming year 2018. May the Lord give you all that your heart desires, for His honor and glory. We also want to say thank you for being on our side in the ministry during the year 2017. We are grateful for your prayers and financial support. We are sorry for having been excessively discrete this year. Communication has been poor.

Please, note that the Lord has been on our side in the field. The church has made some progress. We are glad to announce the baptismal service that will take place this coming Sunday. Seven brothers and sisters will be baptized by immersion. Five among the recipients come from our home. Pictures will be made available for you to see. Six other persons will be received as new members, for they come from sister churches where they had already been baptized by immersion.

The children’s ministry is also moving marvelously. The Lord has given us the opportunity to start a new club in the weeks to come, in an area called Adidronkpo, five miles away. This is an answer to our prayers as we frequently ask the Lord to allow us to start ministry outside our community. In fact, this is becoming a reality through a faithful young lady who attends our services every week together with her four children. Sometimes, they walk because of lack of transportation.

We will need your assistance and presence on our side more than ever, so that we could serve that rural community in bringing the light of the Gospel there.

We continue to be grateful to the Lord for the quite good health we receive from Him. He is on our side every single day. He recently delivered our family from the open threat of assassination by one of our neighbors. The case was made known to the police.

Our children’s academic activities are moving. Our daughter and her cousin are attending university while the other boys are respectively in eleventh and eighth grades. Things have become very heavy and tough in terms of fees and daily needs. We continue to look up to the Lord.

In closing this newsletter, we would appreciate that you kindly accept to consider our needs of a computer and a printer for office work purposes ($1,000), so that we could stop operating from an Internet café; a portable sound system ($500) for church services and also open-air preaching campaigns. May the Lord guide you. Any contributions should go through the IGM office as usual. Thank you.

Kossi, Agathe, Happy Joyce, Ariel and Hope Anika
Lome, Togo, West Africa