Kossi Anika, Togo — Improved Health

Dear Ministry Partners,

We greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope this newsletter finds you in good health. We are thankful to the Lord for His grace and protection, for your prayers, your support and advice.

Since our last newsletter, many things have happened in the family and in the ministry, as well.

Kossi’s health has improved. He had to make a drastic decision concerning the medical expenses. We prayed together within the family about the issue. The answer we received from the Lord is the discovery of a book entitled “Power of Garlic”. This book teaches how one can treat various diseases using plants and herbs. Curiously, the needed elements are available in our neighborhood. He started in November of last year. These days, Kossi is feeling better. He lost several pounds. This phenomenon has brought a lot of improvements to his health. We praise the Lord for the results we have obtained. Your prayers, too, contributed.

Concerning the ministry, we are thankful to the Lord. The few people that attend our church are becoming more and more faithful. We are preparing to start the baptismal class next Sunday. The other good report is the children’s club  continues to run no matter the opposition of many parents. At the same time, the enemy is at work. He has given many people a new plan to leave their homes before the appointed time for home studies. This is very sad. Because of that situation, we are planning to start activities outside our area with open-air preaching campaigns. We will then need a portable sound system. The equipment purchase project we started in October of last year is still to be completed.

Six young people from our assembly registered for the coming summer youth conference. This is their first experience. They need some assistance to pay for their transportation and food. The cost estimate is $20 per person. We are thankful for your kind contribution.

Dear brothers and sisters, dear ministry partners, we would appreciate your prayers for Togo which is a peaceful country among others. Our family also needs your prayers; the persecutions and the risks of being assaulted are real. A neighbor openly threatens to kill Agathe. The man is my wife’s cousin, though. We reported the issue to the authorities. We do recognize that the Lord is the best Protector in any situation and we leave everything in His hands.

We do thank each of you in advance for being willing to prayerfully consider the needs that we have expressed in this newsletter. May the Lord be with you and bless you.

In Christ,
Kossi, Agathe, Happy Joyce, Ariel and Hope Anika