Kossi Anika, Togo — Children’s Ministry

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We greet you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are delighted to send this newsletter to you as an update on our ministry. Yes, we are grateful to you for your prayers on our behalf. We do not forget the financial assistance we receive from you so that we can live and act in the ministry. Daily, we ask the Lord to continue to bless you.

The Lord is being good to the ministry here in Apedokoe village. Recently, a family made the wise decision to send their children back to our church where they first heard and studied the Word of God. They came to that decision after they made a tour of Charismatic prayer centers in the area. The difference is clear. We praise the Lord for the wisdom He gave them. The children feel at ease in our middle and they are worshiping with great joy.As many of you are aware, we still conduct children’s ministry on Sunday evening. We are expecting to receive and distribute the Christmas gift boxes to be supplied shortly by the Samaritan’s Purse ministry. We hope many new children will join our ranks.

We also take care of adults through Sunday school activities and morning services, Wednesday and Friday evening services. Seven of them were baptized on December 31 last year. We continue to work with them so that they can stand firm in and for the Lord. There is another group of adults who really need to make a clear choice between the Lord Jesus Christ and the world. Please, remember them during your prayers.

We are still praying to the Lord that He will open the door for us to start activities at the place called Adidronkpo. There are some logistic issues to be solved: meeting place and workers’ transportation means since Kossi’s car is still at the mechanic’s workshop. Please, continue to pray with us for that subject.

Last week, somebody jumped the wall and entered our sanctuary. He cut and took away the electric wires and put the lights off. We understand that it is another act of intimidation. We do not want to suspect any particular person. We just leave the battle in the hands of our Lord Who, surely, will reveal him one day.

Dear brethren, our country, Togo, needs your prayers. The political talks are expected to generate an atmosphere of mutual confidence between the politicians on one side and the population on the other side.

Our family is doing well. The children are working hard at school. Three of them were among the seven people who got baptized last time. We are glad for them. The eldest is helping with the children’s singing group, the second one is our organist and the last one is in charge of logistics: making sure that the sanctuary is neat and the chairs are in place for services.

In closing this newsletter, we would love to invite God’s people to prayerfully consider the following ministry needs: a portable sound system, a computer and a printer for office use, means to help get Kossi’s car back on the road, the purchase of land for a permanent site for our church. For any assistance, please channel through International Gospel Missions’ (IGM) head office. Thanks.

We thank you again for your prayers and support. May the Lord richly bless each of you as you partner with us in His ministry here in Apedokoe village.

In Christ,
Kossi, Agathe, Happy Joyce, Ariel and Hope Anika