Kossi Anika, Togo — Children’s Activities


Dear ministry partners,

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you” (Philippians 1:3)

We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus-Christ. We are glad to get back to you and give a feedback of ministry activities.

Before, we would like one more time to say thank you for your prayers and/or support. We do always lack the accurate word or expression to show our gratitude.

We thank the Lord for His generosity in taking care of us and the people we are ministering to. This year, the church of Apedokoe has been blessed with many new faces, both adults and children as well. Some have already confessed the Lord Jesus as their persona savior. It is the fruit of home visits. But at the same time, three people chose to leave on their own for different reasons : one left for misbehavior and the two others moved out because they are seeking more freedom to live the way they want to .Also many other ones have left the area for family relocation reasons.

The children enjoy the Sunday evening activities, because they are given the opportunity to sing, shout, to run, jump and play games. We are now attempting to memorize progressively Psalm 119:1-18. It is a ‘’one verse a week’’ activity and the children like it.

In November, Agathe will start preparing Christmas activities with the sketch group. The singing group will also start learning new songs.

Brothers and sisters, we do appreciate your prayers. They help solve many problems related to attacks from the enemy.

Beloved, as we are trying to close this newsletter, we would appreciate to have you consider and pray for the following ministry needs :
– Faithfulness of our church members in Bible reading and prayer
– Provisions for the purchase of a property for the church (the present location is a private plot)
– Provisions to help repair our vehicle parked aside since last January
– Good health for the family and the church members as well
– Guidance from the Lord
– Peace in Togo
– Additional monthly support

We thank you for your love, attention, prayers and support. Any donation towards any of these needs should be channeled through International Gospel Missions (I.G.M.).Should you have questions concerning any of the issues raised above, please, feel free to contact us.

God bless

Kossi, Agathe, Happy Joyce, Ariel and Hope Anika