Koffi Wodome, Togo — Summer

Dear Faithful Prayer Partners and Financial Supporters,

We trust you all are doing well in the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Family News

We are doing well. Praise be to the Lord!


Samuel turned 15 on October 25th and Koffi organized a birthday party for him. This was the first huge party for him because some of his uncles, aunts, nephews and friends from the church came to the party on Sunday, October 29th. He liked the party, and especially the food, because Koffi helped Elisabeth bake 10 extra-large pizzas to feed everybody. This was also a special time for him because he finished elementary school and wore his gown at his birthday party, as well. Thank you for the birthday cards for him.

Ministry News

The third quarter was very busy, especially in August. On August 7th-9th, we had VBS 2017 at Tamany. Maximum attendance was 370. 33 children and 2 ladies trusted Christ as Lord and Savior. We couldn’t do VBS at Kove because we did not have a shelter there and the health center is very small to plan such activities there.

From August 10th-13th, we went to the ABWE biannual youth conference in Kpalime where Koffi was one of the small group instructors and had the opportunity to talk about spiritual discipline. About 2,000 people came to the conference. We took with us two teenagers from the church of Tamany and one of them got saved and his parents noticed some changes in his life after the conference. The other made a commitment to live for the Lord.

From August 13th-18th, twenty children went to Bible camp. We planned to visit them but our car broke down during VBS and the repair was not done well. So on our way to the conference, we abandoned the car in a village on the roadside andrented a taxi to continue our travel to Kpalime. We wanted to have the car repaired on our way back but it took us two months to be able to use the car again. So we didn’t visit the children at the Bible camp but everything went well and they came back renewed spiritually.

On September 10th, we had a children’s special day. The worship service was totally led by the children with Samuel leading the singing, Godwin the preacher and Ebenezer the translator.

We praise the Lord for a donation of $1,000 from Bethel Baptist Church of Walnut

Cove which helps us to begin building the shelter at Kove. God willing, we will holdVBS around Christmas.

Brother and sisters, please pray for a lady who is being persecuted by her husband because she got saved. Please pray for Togo.


Praise the Lord for successful summer ministry.Praise the Lord for souls that were saved.
Praise the Lord for spiritual growth in the church.
Praise the Lord for the donation that helped us to start building the shelter.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the Lord’s guidance in our life and ministry.Please pray that the Lord would provide the remaining $1,500 to complete the shelter.Please pray that we would be able to get electricity and water into our new home.
Please pray for a lady who is being persecuted by her husband.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

We love you and pray for you, too.

Koffi, Elisabeth and Samuel WODOME