Kerry Psinas, Grenada — Update on Health

Hello prayer warriors! Thank you so much for every prayer that has been lifted for us! Here is a short re-cap of the past couple of months.

Sept 11, I (Kerry) was diagnosed with covid & admitted into the covid ward of the hospital. After 3 days I was sent home with medicine, but did not really improve, in fact I got worse. It all came to a head when I was not responding or talking to Terri and could not get out of my chair; I was incoherent so I was taken back to the hospital. The first four days I was there I have no memory of. I did not respond to the Drs. or nurses and I do not remember getting the 2 hour plasma infusion either. It was after the infusion I finally was awake enough to realize I was back in the hospital with covid & that I also had pneumonia. For 10 long days I was hooked up to machines that were giving me several kinds of medicine. Because it was the covid ward, Terri could not come see me. It was a long 10 days for both of us. While I was in the hospital, Terri was able to recover from her bout with covid & was well enough to care for me when I was released. The Doctor set up daily home health care for me and the home oxygen equipment. I’m so thankful for all the care & therapy that I received. Because I have met all the requirements, I am now off the oxygen and the home health has discharged me from their care! I still have a long road to recovery. I would say I am 70% back to myself. We had to cancel all of our church/missions conference meetings for the fall. That was a very difficult, but a necessary, decision for me.

There are things I do at home to continue to get strong. I am one of the fortunate ones. Because of God’s goodness and your prayers, I was able to recover and come home. Your love, prayers & extra financial gifts have been a blessing!

And we want to share this blessing concerning Grenada! Pastor Casimir Thomas has finally received approval for the new church building! All the paperwork has been filed & approved and the building process should begin soon! (there is a LOT of rain this time of year!) Our next prayer letter, Lord willing, we plan to share pictures of the progress being made for this new church! Praise the Lord for all He is doing in Grenada!

We covet your prayers for Grenada, the pastors there and for me as I continue to recover. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Serving our Lord with joy unspeakable,

Kerry & Terri Psinas

IGM missionaries, Grenada, West Indies