Justus Wafula, Kenya — Praising the Lord

Dear Prayer Partner,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus. I hope you are doing fine and waiting for our Lord Jesus Who died, rose from the dead and is coming again.

I take this opportunity to thank you so much for your prayers and support for God’s work, family and orphans.

God is so good. We are going through a rough time with this pandemic of Corona but in every situation, God is good. We are having our services, not as we used to, but we praise His holy Name for opening the church doors again.

In one of our churches, we dedicated five children to the Lord and did the baptism of two new converts. We praise God and ask for your prayers as we continue to win souls to the Lord.

1. Praise God for opening the doors of churches. We are having church services with the number of people not to exceed 100
and those over 58 years old are not allowed to attend services.
2. Praise God for protecting our people. We have not lost any because of the coronavirus, but with normal sickness.
3. We praise God for those who are coming to our church service. Thanks to God for the service in the church.

We praise God for I.G.M. U.S.A. for the hard work they are doing, serving and being concerned about the lost souls all over the world.

Prayer Requests
1. Please pray for our plans again as we go back to church doing evangelism and encouraging believers to continue trusting God in every situation.
2. Pray for the staff of I.G.M. America.
3. Pray for the church project of getting the title deed of our church plot and expansion of our church plot.
4. Pray for Pastor Wafula’s projects (building our house as you can see in the pictures).
5. Pray for my wife, Rose, (she has a stomach problem, supposed to go for surgery).

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Your Servant,
Pastor Justus Wafula