Julius Kadenge, Kenya — Orphans

Hello Prayer Partners.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We really appreciate it and we pray that the Lord will bless you much. We are doing well in the Lord and the ministry is doing quite well.

Last week, I sat with our fellow pastors in our fellowship and we had a meeting and one of the items on our agenda was to identify places to plant churches. We had three places to start with this year.

Our economy has gone down due to political differences. Some have lodged cases in the high court challenging the winning of the current president and we are waiting to see the outcome.

The supported orphans are doing well and the challenge is with the unsupported as they need food and clothing.

We still need Bibles in Swahili, our national language, as many in our church congregation still cannot read and understand English.


1. We thank you for funding our projects.
2. We thank you for picking our orphans.


1. Please pray for our support.
2. Please pray for our unsupported orphans.
3. Please pray for funds to buy a piece of land for our present church which is situated in a tiny area with no place to park cars—$6,000.00.
4. Please pray for 50 Swahili Bibles—-$500.00.
5. Please pray for peace in our country.

May the Lord cause you to live for many years and serve Him.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Pastor Julius and Lydia Kadenge
Phil 2:13