Joseph and Leela Joseph, India–Construction

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings to you in the altogether lovely Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. What a joy it is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, we are aware that our labor is nothing compared to what He has done for us. Thank you so much for upholding us in your prayers. We thank the churches and individuals who support us and the orphans financially, because of which we can continue serving the Lord in this land of India.

Souls Saved:

Praise the Lord that a good number of people have made professions of faith in Christ as Savior through our ministry in Manipur, Orissa, and Bangalore since our last letter. I had three weeks of ministry in Manipur. The Lord really blessed the teaching and preaching of His Word. It was a blessing to see people getting saved and young people surrendering their lives for the Lord’s work.

Construction Program:

I have written about the construction project. We finished the boundary wall and are waiting for the Lord’s provision for the construction of the orphanage. Thanks for the response. We will publish the details of donations in the next prayer bulletin. Please pray for this project. This need can be met by a special offering for the “Home for the Homeless” project. Any amount towards this project is highly appreciated.

Pastors’ Training Program:

I have prepared the course for our Pastors’ Training Program called, “Bricks for Builders”. It is published in the English, Oriya, and Hindi languages. The Hindi version was just finished recently. These materials and the training program have been great blessings for pastors who have never had any Bible training. Please pray for the Lord’s provision so that we may hold many more short-term trainings in different states in India.

Prayer Requests:

1. Support for one of our people who works with us in the state of West Bengal. He was saved out of a Hindu family and trained in a Bible college here in Bangalore. He is the only Christian in his village. Because of the opposition, he was reluctant to go back to his village to serve the Lord. Now he has made the decision to go there and start the ministry. He and his family need your prayer and financial support.

2. One of our pastors, who also cares for our orphanage, needs additional financial support. Please pray.
JK Joseph with orphans
3. For the Lord’s provision for the construction of the church hall and orphanage. We need $25,000 to start. The Lord is able to provide. Please pray.

4. For the needs of the orphanage. Prices are soaring; they are double what they were last year. It now costs at least $40/month to care for one orphan.

5. For funds for the Training program

Thank you folks. May the Lord richly bless you.

Joseph and Leela,