John Orinda, Kenya — God Is Supplying

Dear Brethren,

I am humbled to reach you from Nairobi, Kenya and especially from the base of our church outreach in Mathare. I report with joy that I am okay so is my family.

The church work is going on well despite the challenges that we face since Covid-19 broke out. It will be good to mention to you that this dangerous disease has been ruining the life of many people as well as the operations of the church since the month of March 2020.

I recall that it was very painful to see our church building being demolished without prior notice by our own government in Kariobangi where we had set up a Bible school. The economy has really been affected by the coronavirus. This has seen many people ending up jobless and others even going for days without food or shelter as they do not have enough money to pay their bills. However our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Who is always keen to take care of His children, supplied for our needs as indicated in the book of Philippians 4:19. The Lord is touching the lives of these people in the slums as we stand together under hard conditions to preach the Word of the Lord. I witnessed God`s hands of love stretched out to the poor people in the slums living in desperate poverty.

We very much appreciated all those who stood with us in prayer & supported us financially during the difficult times we have passed through, and pray that the Lord God Almighty may continue to bless all your plans, work, ministries, and families.

Though the economic damage being done by the deadly virus and the required lockdowns is easing, it has not gone away yet. And because of that, the orphans, the widows and the vulnerable among the community are still desperately in need of our help and we cannot turn them down.

Lastly, pray for one of our orphans by the name of Septer who had an accident 3 days ago and was admitted to Kijabe Hospital. We continue to pray and leave the rest to God Almighty.

Kindly do pray for the following prayer requests below.


1. Pray for peace in our country.

2. Pray for Septer, an orphan who got had an accident 3 days ago, for a quick recovery.

3. Pray for my Dad, Rev. Paul Obange. He’s experiencing extreme back pain and headache.

4. Pray to the Lord to provide my son and daughter, Michael & Joyce’s, school fees as they will go back to college. The Lord bless you so much and all the time.

5. Pray to the Lord to supply for the widows and orphans in our care.

May the great hands of the Lord cover you all.

Faithfully Yours,

Pastor John O. Orinda