John Orinda, Kenya — Funeral

Dear Brethren,

God’s good grace has brought us to the month of December 2017 and we believe His Word will be our foundation, shield, and direction in all that comes next year 2018.

I trust that the Lord has been good to all of you.

For the last four months, it has been tragic for us here in Nairobi as we have been witnessing hard times after the August elections which were later nullified for malpractices. It was all over politics of division and even to date Kenyans are still divided on ethnic grounds more than ever before. The slum where we operate as a church had always been a no-go zone and people are living in fear for their lives. Nearly three- quarters of our church members fled upcountry fearing for their lives. We have a few people left in Nairobi. The church stood with a family in their time of grief over sending off their loved one who had just passed on during the time of a repeat election. Brother Caleb’s casket left Nairobi on the 9th of November 2017 for Kisumu County. The funeral ceremony took place on the 11th of November. Many saints who loved this man of God flocked to the home and it was a marvelous ceremony which touched our hearts. The Christian ceremony went smoothly with prayer, praises, singing, etc. and ended when the body of the late Brother Caleb was laid to rest at 4:30 PM. Many recalled Bro. Caleb as a dedicated, loyal, and lovable church worker. We thank God so much for His cover during the time our brother passed away. It was wonderful to see the unity of believers working together and contributing for any expenses that were there. It was a challenge to those who witnessed it because it was not a time of pain but of sending off one who had served the Lord among his brethren with joy, songs, and prayer. Every one’s attention was turned to the goodness of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST Who is our life and resurrection.

As I was delivering a sermon in Caleb’s home, 4 souls that were challenged by the living Gospel of Christ came to the Lord. This was a wonderful witness and something good to remember. New believers were welcomed to Christ as we walked with our departed brother.

Lastly, I would love to thank our partners for standing with us in prayer and support. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly.

The Lord will stand by you to serve Him with us. The Lord bless and guide you. Amen.

His In Calvary,

Pastor John Orinda
Nairobi, Kenya