Jitesh Das, India — New Church

Respected Praying Friends,

Loving greetings in Jesus’ Name from Jharkhand. I do believe that you are fine as we are by God’s amazing grace. We thank the Lord for His abundant grace in that He is still using us for the expansion of His kingdom on this earth.
I am happy to write again this field report to update you about our ministry. Without your prayers and support, we cannot do much.


We are constantly doing outreach ministry in the remote villages and also, we are visiting the govt. schools where we hold programs and give New Testaments, which have been supplied Gideon International, to all the students. We are surprised that everywhere we have visited so far, we have discovered that people are really hungry to receive the literature with great zeal. Plus, we have met people who have been saved by reading the literature or by directly listening to the open-air messages preached in the villages. Therefore, we are encouraged to do the ministry in the same way as long we find the door is yet opened.

I am so happy to write that Brother Reginald Christian of California has supported with a good amount which we have been using for the outreach work, but do pray that we may be able to continue the same ministry and that funds should not be a barrier for the work, thanks.


We had given the Mohulbona church to a mission group to run and it was going on very well but all of a sudden, that mission was transferred from Jharkhand so the church has come back into our administration again and we are taking care of it. The reason for giving the church to the other group was very simple: we were not able to handle it because we do not have enough funds to run the church.


This is the first time I am sharing with you regarding a church we started more than a year ago, about 15 KM. away from my home in the state of West Bengal. There is a small town named Hindustan Cables. We hold all our programs in a very small room where all the new believers attend. They all are highly educated. One of them donated land for the church building which is worth about 34 lakhs of Rs. (nearly $65,000). There, we have erected a small room for worship but now, that is becoming too small because constantly people are being added to the church. God willing, we shall rebuild a bigger  building. We are praying for funds for two things: for the church building and for the pastor’s support. Because the place is far away (only because of the roads’ very bad condition), so far I am taking care of both churches. Right after finishing our village church service, I am going to take that H. Cables church.

So, altogether, there are 4 churches and we are two pastors. We need your prayer so that we may find at least one more pastor and that God may provide support for him. It is my understanding a pastor should get no less than 6000 Rs.
(about $100).

There are 10 people ready for water baptism and God willing, in the month of March, we shall hold that program. Just before that, we are planning to hold a convention for 2 days where we are expecting about 200 people to gather together from morning until evening. We shall provide food for them. We are expecting many non-Christians to attend. We need your prayer for the same. The date is not yet fixed for the program but it will be in March.


There were times when I was very sad for the Sunday school children were hindered and there were very few children in the Sunday school but now, we have been blessed with 40 children, and they are doing fine, thanks for your prayer. We had a tremendous program with them on the 27th of Dec. which our son, Samuel Soans, funded.


All of our children (in our primary school and in our children’s home) are getting ready for their yearly final exam. Please do pray that they may do well enough to be promoted.

Special prayer requests: please do pray for fruits for our ministry; please do pray for more literature for the ministry; please do pray for a pastor to take care of the Hindustan Cables church and for his support (at least Rs. 6000, about $100 per month); and also for funds for the church building there.

Be very sure that we never forget to pray for all who have supported the ministry until today. We do appreciate all our prayer partners and supporters. May the good God continue to bless all that you are doing or planning to do.

With Love and Prayer,
Pr. Jitesh Das