Jitesh Das, India — Mother

Respected Praying Friend,

Greetings from Jharkhand in Jesus’ Name. I trust that this letter will find you in good health and in sound mind. By God’s grace, we are also fine and we do appreciate your prayer for us.

I am very sad to say that my mother has gone to be with the Lord forever and we will never be able to see her in this world anymore but at the same time, I am glad that, before her departure, she had time to spend with us and with the Lord. She was a good example to many because she called many people, including some children, and expressed her regret if she had done anything which had offended them. She was able to reunite our family. A week before she passed away,  she requested to take her last holy communion with the church so because she was in her bed, the church carried the same to her and she took part in the Lord’s supper. The church surrounded her and committed her to the hand of the Lord. She herself sat down on the bed and committed her life to the Lord. She blessed all with her heart. On the 21st of April at 4:30 pm, she took her last breath, and on the next day at the same time, she was buried. She was 89 yrs. old.

We do have a custom here in our region that after 40 days, we hold a condolence meeting in which people gather together and along with the Bible teaching, we discuss (give testimony) about the good things in the deceased person’s life from which we can learn something etc. and after that, we have some snacks, tea/coffee etc. So we are planning to do that on the 4th or 5th of June. We do believe there will be a huge gathering so please do pray that the Lord may speak to some people because in our village, almost everybody is a nominal Christian. I loved my mother very much so I want to do it as nicely as possible.

SCHOOL: We are happy to say that this year, our primary school enrollment is the largest it has ever been. We have is about 160 children and we are expecting some more.

EVANGELISM:  We are no more allowed to do the work openly because opposition groups are going door-to-door to sterilize the people against the Gospel so we are doing personal evangelism and we have got many good contacts. In fact, there are people who have professed their faith in Christ but we are not able to baptize those who come from other religions yet. Soon there will be some baptisms but they are from nominal Christian families only.

Friends, we request your valuable prayer for our orphan children’s books, clothing, shoes, etc. The children are doing fine. All 23 children have been promoted to higher classes so kindly do pray for their needs as it will go up to 50.000 Rs. ($600). It’s a big amount.

In our region, summer is full swing. It is sometimes above 48 degrees Celsius so we are not able to go out after 10 am. Though it is so hot, it is good that our BJP govt. is giving us good electricity service, so somehow we are adjusting. Thanks for your prayer.

Thanks for your prayer for our 4 churches. The Sunday schools are all going very well. We covet your constant prayer, thank you.

Yours Faithfully,
Jitesh Das