Jim Starr, Executive Director, Vision2020Asia–Report on Recent India Trip

Greetings in the wonderful Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for our ministry.

Brett and I returned home safely according to our schedule. Our plans were somewhat altered more than once due to political instability in Nepal and Manipur.

We first went to Manipur to meet with our men and to finalize plans for our upcoming conference December 1-4. On August 15th, our flight to Manipur HeadquartersGuwahathi was cancelled due to a high government alert. Thanks to our friend I.K. Muivah, Deputy Police Commissioner, we were able to rent a taxi and drive all night over some of the worst roads I have ever traveled from Manipur to Nagaland and then by train to Guwahathi. Pastor Athem traveled all the way from Siliguri to join us and to attend Athing’s church dedication and the 3rd Assam BSE graduation. We had a wonderful time with Athing and his people. Our Nagaland coordinator, Lima Jamir, brought 19 of his young people from Aranachal, Pradesh, and then adding nine more of Athing’s students made a total of 28 graduates. At this same time, we dedicated Athing’s new campus church building. The chapel was packed out with people sitting and standing around outside. Athem, Brett and I then traveled early the next morning by train to Siliguri and the following day we drove to the border area of Nepal. We departed India and then upon obtaining our Nepal visas, we were advised not to drive to Kathmandu. Thus, we re-entered India within a few hours of our departure. I am planning to visit Nepal again in October and spend time with our church planter, Ishwar Shreestra, and his family and visit the villages and churches that we were able to help following the two earthquakes. Upon returning to Siliguri, we had a birthday party for Brett Our 3rd Class of Assam BSE Graduates 1with Athem’s and Stanley’s families at Stanley Helm’s home. The following day we parted to go in different directions.

As planned, Brett stayed on with Athem and I returned to Manipur for more fall conference preparations. I also planned to deliver the funds we had brought for the Myanmar flood victims since it was only a two-hour drive to the Myanmar border. Unfortunately, none of our men could come and meet me so we tried sending the funds from India only to find out that India’s governmental policy is only to receive funds and not to send funds. Sounds like the Dead Sea. We finally had to have the funds sent directly from IGM to Myanmar. To say the least, the flood was devastating. Thankfully, we could be of a little assistance in providing $2,000 from our Disaster Relief Fund. Do Sum, our Truth & Freedom Correspondence School representative from Yangon, Myanmar wrote the following, “In four villages, I comforted believers through the Word of God. They know that God is in control of everything. They are already comforted. Almost all their paddy fields are destroyed and filled with mud. All of the water sources and canal lines are destroyed. There will be no harvest time for them. So famine will follow them and we still need to pray for them. The local government told them that they would be able to plant ground peanuts and sunflowers in the winter season. We Our 3rd Class of Assam BSE Graduates 2supported five villages in Kalay and Tamu townships, 82 families.” Anyone desiring to help with further assistance to our believers affected by the flood, please send your gifts to IGM, 990 Calkins Road, Rochester, NY 14623 and clearly mark for “Vision2020Asia Disaster Relief-Myanmar”. We will be monitoring the situation.

I departed Manipur on the 24th and traveled to Bangalore to finalize our plans for the Banglaore conference to be conducted November 24-27. We had a meeting with some of the local pstors and leaders. We decided to hold our conference at the Russell Memorial Telegu Baptist Church. Please pray for Pastor J.D. Moses who is coordinating this conference. Pastor Moses requires a serious back surgery that could affect the outcome of many things. They have found a large tumor at the base of his spine that must be surgically removed. His wife, Jasmine, recently has undergone shoulder surgery and is still recovering. They do not have any insurance. Please pray for these needs to be met. Anyone desiring to help may send your gifts C/O IGM for Pastor J.D. Moses’ Family.

I then departed Bangalore by vehicle with Bernard and Alithia Moses and their son, Joel. We arrived at Bharat Bible College aroundPastor Johnny, Emily and Allysa
3 AM. I spoke in the chapel and challenged the students for missions. The following day, I was met in the city by Jayaraj and we immediately began preparations for our new Telegu telecasts on Rakshana TV. Mass media evangelism has been part of our vision from our ministry’s inception in 2000. Thanks to Dr. & Mrs. Tom Williams, the TV ministry has become a reality. The telecasts are very expensive but it is an excellent way to reach a larger audience and to spread His glory among the nations. Rakshana TV’s viewing audience is over 6 million. Our first Telegu telecast was aired on September 1st with 8 respondents and I was told our second telecast on September 8th received 15 respondents. Please pray for the finances required to continue the telecasts on PowerVision Live TV and Rakshana Live TV. If you would like to help with this wonderful tool of evangelism and discipleship, please earmark your gifts for “Vision2020Asia TV Fund”. We have been receiving inquiries not only from India but even from Middle Eastern countries. While I was in India, one gentleman called from the country of Bahrain, thanking me for the message. The outreach potential is phenomenal. We are using the telecasts to promote our free Truth & Freedom Correspondence School now available in 8 languages. We completed nine telecasts and then I flew to Vijiwada to spend my final weekend with my long-time friend, Pastor V. D. Mani and his family.

Mayanmar Flooding 3We had a glorious day of worship with four souls saved in the morning service, who also made a public confession for Christ. The following evening, two more souls made decisions for Christ. On Monday, I preached at the Bible College and had a wonderful time of fellowship with some of the local pastors who also attended the services. We fed them a delicious lunch and sent them back to their churches with a renewed burden and vision for the perishing souls. Johnny and his wife, Emily, have been looking after the ministry since Pastor Mani’s brain surgery. Please pray for Pastor Mani that he might have a full recovery. It has been over three years since the surgery. He is talking a good bit more and he has full understanding of what others say. He is still having a great deal of difficulty walking. He requires a walker and others to assist him. Thanks again for your faithful prayers and support for our ministry. I have booked my return tickets to India October 23rd – December 14th. My itinerary is already full. Please pray for our upcoming conferences in Manipur and Bangalore. In light of the many insurgent problems in Manipur, we have chosen to call our meeting a Festival of Peace and Statewide Revival Crusade. The theme for both conferences is “revival” with a special emphasis on missions. Evangelist Billy Sunday said that the results of revival are always two-fold: “First, it returns the church from her backsliding, and second, it causes the conversion of men and women.”

Revival PosterJim & Joanne Starr
Founder & Director Vision2020Asia
Psalm 126:5-6