Jim Arnold, Focused Ministries–Summer and Ivory Coast Needs

Greetings from the friendly Islands of the Bahamas!

I never thought that I would ever get the opportunity to visit this tropical paradise, but God had other plans and He is sooooo good. We were invited down here for the week to participate in a
Missions Conference and share our ministries with the Islands.  What a beautiful place that God has created; so calm, breezy and crystal clear. I almost feel guilty suffering for Jesus in such an awesome place. The pastor and church people have been so friendly and generous and have put us up in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean. Enjoy some of these scenes that I have inserted in our letter to help you envision the beauty and serenity of it all. We are here with four other missionary families from around the world to participate in the conference. The theme for the week is “Unleashing God’s People in a Lost World” and will have families sharing from Africa, India, the Bahamas and the USA. What a wonderful time to recharge our batteries and be blessed as we hear what God is doing in other parts of the world.

It was so good to hear from Timothy Dayamba, who is currently serving in the country of Burkina. If you recall, this past fall I had the opportunity to tour with Timothy among many of our churches here in the States. As Timothy shared his ministry, he also shared the many needs that he had back in his home country. As many of you have done so many times in the past through your giving, many of his current needs were met during the trip. I have received some of the photos of some of his projects and wanted to pass these on to you. Along with his need of transportation, his church was in need of funds to put up a pavilion in which they could meet each Sunday. Look what God has done! Thank you so very much for all the help that you give our pastors! It is always wonderful to visualize some of the results. Just recently, they have begun the task of putting in a cement floor and are trusting t
he Lord to provide the funds to cover this project.

This past week, I received a phone call, followed up by pictures through email, about the devastation that our large church in Ivory Coast suffered from high winds that passed through the area. The majority of the roof was damaged with much of the metal being torn off the roof and left in a mangled heap on the ground. After accessing the damage, it has been decided that the whole roof must be replaced which will cost around $4,000. Folks, they need help. Ivory Coast has just recently come out of a 10-year civil war and our people have been left with nothing. They have no funds to repair this damage and are without a meeting place as the rainy season is upon them. Please, please, prayerfully consider this need and help us with this immediate need. I know they will appreciate any help you can send their way.

In addition to their roof woes, our pastors recently held crusade meetings down in the center part of Ivory Coast where we have a small work of about 100 people; reaching their area for Christ. Through the week of crusade meetings, they were greatly excited over those that have stepped forward and given their hearts to the Lord. This encouragement has come at a great time for this ministry and has greatly encouraged them to keep on for the Lord. Please, keep this ministry in your prayers as they have financial needs as well in regards to the building project in which they are currently involved. They could use another $2,000 to finish their church building.

We are still in need of $6,500.00 to complete the repair of our septic tank problems. Some of the funds have come in but we are still in great need as the problem worsens each day
as we wait on Him for His provisions. God is good all the time and His timing is always perfect. The stench from it all gets worse each day. The praise is it hasn’t backed up into the home yet.

We are looking forward to the summer months and the warm weather that comes with it. Having grown up in Africa, I love the heat much more than the cold. This summer will be busy with summer camps, vacation Bible schools and church meetings sharing the ministry and raising support for our orphan children. Please keep us in your prayers that God will keep us safe in our travels.

We personally thank each of you for all that you do and for holding the ropes as we continue to strife and make a difference for His Kingdom.  With much love, we thank each of you. May God continue to bless each of you as you serve Him faithfully in these days ahead.

With much love,
Jim for the Arnolds

Prayer Concerns

1. Pray that God will provide the immediate need of $4,000 to replace the church roof in Ivory Coast.
2. Pray that the needed $6,500.00 will come in so that we can repair our septic problems.  The problem grows worse as each day passes. We still need $6,500.00 to complete the project. The stench gets worse each day. PLEASE HELP!!!!
3. Pray for wisdom as we work with our pastors and help them with the many needs they face each day.