Jim Arnold, Field Coordinator to Ivory Coast and Acting Director of FMI — Brother Critically Injured

11/24/2020 Update

Elizabeth Arnold – 11/24/2020

I woke up this morning in the waterbed of God’s arms, hopeful that we will get some answers for My Man and get him to a more advanced level of care in diagnosis and recovery. I have no idea what the coming days will hold — a week ago today My Man fell from almost the third story to the cement ground AND yesterday so many puzzle pieces were put in place for his evacuation to France . JESUS holds BOTH days in His sovereign, nail-pierced hands!! “That I may know HIM by the power of His resurrection (like yesterday) AND the fellowship of His suffering (like the day My Man fell). Whatever may come Abba Father HOLDS us, Jesus is WITH us, and the Holy Spirit INTERCEDES for us with groanings too deep for words!! I understand better what “groanings too deep for words” means because that is how My Man sounded last Tuesday when I saw him – unutterable sounds!!
Our Regional Leader Francis from Togo called by WhatsApp and Mike, Melissa, and I laid hands on My Man while he prayed. Afterwards My Man said that he didn’t know why God allowed it to happen but He is trusting God to use it for His glory and to learn more about God through it.
Leaving now at noon for the AIBD airport, takeoff 13:45 (08:45EST) and arrive Paris at 09:00 (03:00EST) via Malaga!! Arickson is tracking the flight!! The American Hospital does NOT allow any visitors so when we arrive that will be the last time I see My Man until restrictions are eased or he is fit to fly commercially and we return to the States.
Thank YOU for faithfully journeying with us on this unexpected adventure – you have held up our arms!!! You have midwifed us well each day, and I lean into your arms of prayer and support.
Profound, inexpressible gratitude to Mike and Melissa who have been Jesus to me from the second I called last Tuesday to ask for help – above and beyond in magnificent and myriads of ways!!

Dennis Arnold – 11/24/2020
Thank you so much for praying for Jim’s brother Rick Arnold he is being life Flighted at a low altitude to Paris now, along with Elisabeth. NOTE: It’s been a week since the accident. Lord willing they can get him stabilized so that he can then be evacuated stateside.
Please pray that they will be able to address all of Ricks internal injuries & that somehow Elizabeth will be able to have communication with him while in the hospital there, in that he’s somewhat confused he will need her support!
In that Paris is on lockdown she will be unable to be with him at the hospital however God has miraculously provided lodging for her there. THANK you Cheryl Johnson Harro for this provision.
We thank the Lord for you & Stewart Working tirelessly to this end., for which we give thanks to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for answered prayer

Jim Arnold 11-24-2020
Flight was delayed, but they have now taken off! They are on their way to the American Hospital in Paris, France. Good bye, Africa, for now.




11/24/2020 Update

11-23-2020 Elizabeth Arnold

ASAP PRAYER: Air Ambulance is getting Rick authorization to enter France but not me as companion – says I need to work with US Embassy. Embassy says with CV19 the Evac Co has to do it because it is exception Please pray #Breakthrough #GodisAble

11-22-2020 Elizabeth Arnold

Just got the call 10pm (5pmEST) — we have TWO NEGATIVE CV19 Test Results AND 2.5 hours faster than normal!! Wow JESUS!! Tomorrow we will hear about the next step to France Always thankful for YOUR prayers!!

11-22-2020 Elizabeth Arnold

Can you hear me singing praise to our God Jehovah Jireh??!! Sing with me unto our God, our King, our Abba Father!! With just a few more adventures involved, the tests have now been taken — both nasal passages and throat— and are now being processed. The results will maybe be done tonight or tomorrow morrow and THEN a flight plan can be made for the evacuation. Huge thanks for praying with me; now we get to praise together as well!!!

Every night I have fallen into bed exhausted and slept immediately and the whole night, but last night I was exhausted yet couldn’t sleep. I just missed My Man in our bed; I kept reaching over and he wasn’t there!! I am sleeping on a water bed where I am staying which is a very rare occurrence in my life. I love it!! You kind of sink into it and it is so awesome for a tired back and knees from standing for hours. In the early morning hours Jesus gave me a pic of being held in the arms of Abba Father and being rocked to sleep…and I fell asleep until morning.

I am just a very ordinary person !! LOL!! — This morning while My Man was getting cleaned up I got a café au lait on the top floor. My legs are short so I tried to move my chair on tippy-toes and spilled my coffee in my tray and in the saucer. If my fam had been there they would have said #ClumsyMumsy their nickname for me as I trip and fall and knock things over. I keep my family laughing with all my awkward mishaps!! When I got back My Man was looking so good and feeling better!! So so happy!! Praise Jesus!!


11/20/2020 UPDATE

Good Morning from My Man at Clinique de la Madeleine.

He is profoundly touched and so grateful for all YOUR prayers!! #JesusGift

We are held through your prayers as God parted the sea of getting a taxi and arranged the medical care and decisions and continues to work mightily as the Great Physician on My Man’s behalf!

He doesn’t remember the accident nor the flight to Dakar. Yesterday morning, he was taking interest in the pics of the journey. He listened to a video from Amandalee and Rae and smiled the entire time!! He mostly sleeps, drifting in and out.

Update: This time when he woke, he remembered some things just before the accident; he remembered what he was doing and what he was going to do — get a drill to make a repair — just a second before the accident. He wanted to know what day it was and when the accident happened.

Our friends in Bakel assure us of their prayers – they have named My Man in their mosques and are praying for their longtime great and beloved friend!! While we were in Bakel, many of my friends came to BE with me, and Baba’s mom came and held me and kept holding me until I leaned into her supporting
embrace and let her hold all of me for several minutes in the midst of this unexpected journey. #HeartHug

Medical Updates
◦ There are three, instead of one, ribs that are fractured.
◦ The pneumathorax and the bleed are in the same area.
◦ The complication in removing the air is because of the fractured clavicle. The arm can’t be lifted above his head.
◦ He is having to work to breathe but he is being given oxygen and he is not in distress.
◦ His head was to be examined and cleaned up yesterday.
◦ He was fed some supper and then we waited for the doc to say if he can eat or not depending on upcoming surgery.

Update: He was fed some breakfast and he did well although he was exhausted afterward.

Update: The neurologist came and said there are absolutely no issues and that Rick is asymptomatic. The small bleed
is minimal and should self-resolve. The bathroom is right across the hall — so perfect and even has toilet paper!!
Got stuck in the dark when the light went off automatically and the light switch is outside the door.





Dr. Gary Newhart, Executive Director of IGM, received a call from Jim Arnold, Missionary Field Coordinator for Ivory Coast and Acting Director of Faith Ministries International, IGM’s orphan ministry.

Jim’s younger brother, Rick Arnold, a missionary to Senegal with Pioneer Missions, fell off a ladder three stories up and landed on a cement block. Rick has a 5-inch laceration on his head and they think his collar bone is broken. He is bleeding out of his ears and they cannot stop the bleeding from either place. He is able to understand what his wife says to him and to drink water. No x-ray technology is available where he is so it is not known what other damage there may be.

Pioneer Missions promised that they would airlift Rick to Dakar, the capital city, which is over 400 miles away, by tonight but that is now not going to be possible and the American Embassy must step in. When Rick’s condition is stabilized, he can be life lifted back to the States for treatment.

His wife, Elizabeth, is trying to coordinate all of these arrangements in the midst of this very emotional time.

Please pray for Rick as his condition is critical and for his wife and for Jim Arnold and the rest of the family.


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