Jim Arnold, Field Coordinator for Ivory Coast and FMI Acting Director — Update on Brother

God is answering prayer. Rick’s accident happened a week ago yesterday and he is finally in France where he can get the much-needed medical attention that he needs. Please continue to pray for him!!

Written by his wife, Elizabeth:
Safely arrived in Paris, France with a bathroom stop and gas fill-up in Malaga, Spain!! My Man was given excellent pain management – he didn’t feel a thing on the flight!! Landed at Le Bourget airport – new for me!!

The American Hospital whisked My Man away to get him set up in the “Step Down” room – new for me: between Intensive Care and a Regular room. I was informed that I wasn’t allowed to visit him due to Covid restrictions. I filled out paperwork and prayed. When the Person-in-charge returned, I asked if it might be possible for me to visit my husband since he was all alone from another country, and she said that the doc had given special permission for an exception
for me to be able to visit ONE hour each day #JesusGift

The Person-in-Charge said the Doc would talk with me tomorrow after viewing all the new scans with comparison to the scans from Senegal. She said I wouldn’t be allowed to see My Man tonight. After she left, the nurse came out and took Rick’s history and asked more questions about the accident. Then she said if I were really quiet I could come in for ONE minute and see My Man. I sneaked in, and we were so glad to see each other. #JesusGift

The Doc on the Air Ambulance Flight took lots of time and showed me all the scans and the medical report – huge help!! He immediately said that My Man is very, very lucky to be alive!! I said that God had protected his life!!

This is what I remember of what he said —
***Fractured clavicle which is displaced and will need surgery
***Fractured ribs 1-10 some ribs with multiple fractures (Fractured rib 1 gives an idea of the force with which he hit)
***Fractured scapula
***Depressed lung due to pneumothorax and hemothorax which was huge, but with the drain, it is looking good.
***Lung contusion
***Bleed in head in lining – could be two reasons: the reverse shock or the stretch when hit
***Doing well neurologically for one week out – still getting things back
***On knife’s edge for thrombosis
***He told me to take this time to rest because it will be a long hard road ahead
***Asked me why not go directly to the States since the same plane could do it by stopping in the Azores and then be in the States. He said he was sure with the evacuation company it was an issue of money.
***He said if nothing else is found in the new scans and tests then best guess would be 3 weeks before My Man could fly commercially and not die

Lots more adventures – so thankful Jesus was with me!! I am in my beautiful HeartHug Room in Paris, France with a banquet spread before me!! ZZZZZzzzzzz