Jim Arnold, Director of Focused Ministries — Speaking Opportunities

Dear Praying Partners,

I trust each of you are enjoying the warmer days after a long, cold winter. I am presently in MI, visiting churches and sharing updates on our FMI orphan ministry. It feels good to be moving around on my surgical knee better these days. I had an MRI on the other knee at the end of April as it has been hurting me. The Doctor said with all the compensating I did last year on it, it, too, is wearing out. He said it is heading for surgery but feels we may buy some time on that using physical therapy and if need be, shots. Pray with me that the pain will subside in the days ahead.

I have kept busy these past few months speaking at churches and participating in various mission conferences promoting our ministries, the orphans and IGM as a Mission.  The one conference I attended in May in Lavonia, GA was such an encouragement and blessing to my heart. We were received with open arms and saw God work in a wonderful way as commitments were made by many to get involved and participate in missions. This was this church’s first missions conference and we were all blessed for being involved in it. The icing on the cake was Sunday morning when I had the opportunity to challenge the church on, “Does Missions Matter?” When the altar call was given, a young boy called Tyler came forward and gave his life to Jesus. God is so good! Tyler’s grandmother and he just sat up front hugging each other and weeping with joy. This is what missions is all about. Thank you, Pastor Sheldon and church family!

Our daughter, Jeanelle, who just graduated from Armstrong University with a respiratory therapy degree in May, is currently in Tanzania serving on a medical team for two weeks. She called us a few nights ago to share all the excitement as they have had over 400 men, women and children receive Christ through their clinics and Jesus film showings in the evenings. She is so very excited and loves being back in Africa. She will be arriving back home here Stateside next Saturday.

Please keep the Arnolds in your prayers as our schedule gets busier over the course of the next months. July entails our annual church camps in which I will be participating as a key note speaker and ask that you pray that God will use this opportunity to challenge these young people for Him. In addition, August brings with it the return of our National Pastors for our annual Mission Training School and then our fall tours with them. We are still not sure who all will receive their visas but ask that you pray with me that Benjamin from Togo will receive his. He is a dear pastor who loves the Lord and has an exciting ministry in Togo. Pray that God will grant him his visa.

Denise continues to keep the home fires burning and care for our 5 year-old, Aiden. Aiden is growing and keeps a bounce in our steps. He such a sweet boy and truly a blessing from the Lord. In addition to Aiden, Denise keeps up with her choir responsibilities, Bible studies and correspondence. She truly is my blessing from the Lord.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for your many prayers and financial support in helping us make a small difference for His Kingdom.

With Much Love,
Jim for the Arnolds

Phone number: (706) 897-1627
Email: jarnold@igmonline.org


P.S. We continue to face the burden of getting our septic system fixed. We still need $7,500 to get this fixed. Please, if you can, help in any way. It continues to flow down our back yard. God is good and will provide through His people.

Secondly, our Pastor Emmanuel in Ivory Coast is having back surgery and can use some help with his surgery. He is in need of $1,500 to cover the surgery, MRI and post-surgery treatment. Please keep him in your prayers.