Jerome Mombien, Haiti–Surgery

Receive greetings from the Good Shepherd Baptist Church congregation, my family and I. We are all very happy to express our love in the holy Name of Christ Jesus.

We want to thank you for the monthly love gift. We thank God so much for you and the Mission that works hard to help the work of the Lord all over the world, especially in Haiti.

The church and the school are continuing to go well. A couple weeks ago, we finished with our 21st annual conference and the church’s anniversary. We had 2 weeks of revival, God inspired the preachers and we had many people come from the church in the mountains to attend those services here. It was wonderful. Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray for our church/school rebuilding project. We know you are not forgetting us in your prayers. We have not been able to do any more work.

Please pray for my wife, Mrs. Geralda. She just had surgery on one eye, the left one, and soon she will have it on the right side.

We praise the Lord that the hurricane did not affect us in Port-au-Prince. It did affect some in the mountains.

Again, thank you so much and may God bless you abundantly.

Your Brother In Christ,
Joseph Mombien Jerome

PS: I send my love to all the National Pastors who are coming to the training school of the Mission. Tell them to keep up good faith in the work of the Lord.