Jerome Mombien, Haiti — Mud Problems

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

In the full grace, love and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ, we greet you warmly and have great pleasure to write to you. We often think of you, your family and your ministry and want to know how are you doing. Hoping you are all doing well with the Lord Jesus. You are always in our prayers.

We are in the hurricane season now and we have a lot of rain. Our church sanctuary and a part of the children’s school is dusty and now, because of a lot of rain, we have much more mud inside the church and the school. It is causing difficulty to worship our God and the school cannot function regularly as they used to function. We are in need to do the concrete on top of the base.

If you would, please join us in prayer that God will make a way to solve this problem permanently.

May God’s blessing be upon you and all of yours.

In Christ’s Love,
Your Brother, Jerome